View Full Version : Game RESET after 21hours (after gym-fight)

05-14-2018, 12:00 AM
Nintendo Switch Version

Minor spoiler - about 20hours in, I help Tweak and Craig in the gym. There is a fight.
I beat the enemy. All is good this far.

Then I walk around for 10sec, enter my save menu, but go back out without saving. The first thing I notice is that all the
Ubisoft stuff is redeeming all over again, as it did when I first started the game. Then I see my Character is completely
changed. As if it's the base character.. I enter my menu and It's ALL GONE!! Everything. It still looks like mid game
in the gym, kids lying on the floor beaten up.. but everything is gone. I try to save(a new save file) and I realize the
game thinks I just launched the game as the save file tells me I have only played for 1 minute total. Game works fine,
but again, it's all gone. Now, thankfully I save using 3 files after everything I do cause I was warned on twitter about
potential glitches(especially the D-Mobile Infinite Loading Glitch) ..but yeah, that's a pretty strange glitch.
Now, Ill launch previous save and try to beat the fight again, and see what happens this time around.