View Full Version : Easy armor set for Raider- Suggestion

05-13-2018, 09:51 PM

Pros to make this:

- There cant be clipping issues to add a shirt with an axe on the belt, and the shield doesn't need physics. Sorta like Shaman's shield.
- This is really easy to make with a reference because you can take, because Ubi can make a copy-save of one of Berserker's shirts and make it brown, along with a complete shirt and no slit down the middle.
- People would appreciate something new.
- If this was a common set, then Ubi can make a reskin of this to the teal tier that we have currently.
- This may not cost that much because it is very simple.
- Raider already has wrist bands, just make these ones cloth.
- There is a direct reference here.

Cons to making this:

1. The torso tattoo will not show up under the shirt.
2. If Ubi decides to give the shield and axe on the belt physics, that could lead to clipping issues potentially. I suggest not to give them physics.
3. It would deviate from raider's current look. But, people seem to want it recently. Also, it's just one armor set. It's not like it would change Raider completely.
4. There could be a problem with the shoulders. I suggest making the fur on the shoulders the arm pieces. Also to not demand a shoulder pattern. Or the pattern would be implemented on the fur itself, (and please do not have a pad of leather).

05-15-2018, 01:42 AM
Here is another one for the Samurai. This could be either for Orochi or Kensie. (I personally think Orochi)