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05-13-2018, 05:58 PM
Hello Ubisoft, I have a question. And it is not related to my previous thread. But, I know recently Assassin's Creed Rogue was announced with extra additions to the game including , Bayek's Outfit and the exclusive Explorer Pack that was only available for PC players. Is there any chance in the future of having an Assassin's Creed IV - Black Remastered will all promotional items, dlcs, ? Because I would totally purchased something like that in the future if it was ever made possible. I know you guys could make an update for the current PC version . But I know some/majority of people like to have a "complete" edition of an exciting game that can be forever fun and never die. It would be quite exciting to have something like this for Black Flag since it would turn 5 years this year. Again just a feedback of consideration, some ac iv initiates reward are locked .. plzz we fan want ac iv remastered , thanks initiates reward are locked due to coming of ubi club . and main sail was locked which suit all the time black skull sails. or gave us patch update which will include the initiates reward


05-13-2018, 08:17 PM
First off, welcome to the forums.

A few things to note. This is the Origins section. Usually the topic of other games goes into the Assassin's Creed section that is every other game besides the current one.

In addition, I note that you've already made another thread in that section. In the future, you can ask a moderator to move it, but generally creating the same thread multiple times across the forum is considered spam and is frowned against.

Lastly, I'm fairly sure the Initiates rewards cannot be received at this point. I know there are other rewards from the Community Challenges that cannot be received and they will remain locked. So as far as getting "all the things" you wouldn't be able to unfortunately.

I might be incorrect about Initiates, but I know the program itself is shut down so it seems highly unlikely.

Hope this helps.

05-14-2018, 11:29 AM
thank u for replaying i'm sorry for that ....

AC Rogue is having the Black skull sail and other three reward after the remastered and black flag dont have initiates reward .. the most pretty on the black skull sail which recently added in ac rogue ...... and some of the fan dont have because not for complete edition