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05-12-2018, 06:12 PM
1. If I'm right, you can't cancel guardbreak while dodging. If that is the case, when it come to the warden and his shoulder charge, you either get hit by it and then attacked, or try and dodge, an uncancelable guardbreak and then attacked. Either way, the warden wins and you lose.

2. The nail bomb feat is wayyy overpowered, it is the only feat that I know of that can one hit kill. That can't be intentional?

3. Dodge attacks ... kensie, Orochi, PK and I'm sure there are others, who wait for you to attack, just to use dodge attack, it leaves you completely open to get abused.
I have thrown an array of attacks, from different angels and directions, they continually dodge all my attacks and hit me with no punishment.

05-12-2018, 09:30 PM
1. You are correct that you cannot counter a guardbreak after dodging. The best way to counter the shoulderbash would be to practice against the Warden bot in the Training Arena with the Shoulder Bash combo preset. The timing for Warden to go through with the bash versus the timing for him to cancel into a guardbreak can be hard to differeniate without practice. Other than learning the timings, the catch all for avoiding the combo is to roll backwards to avoid both the bash and the potential of a guardbreak.

2. The nail bomb definitely packs a punch and will deal very heavy damage on heroes like assassins. All of that is pretty standard for a level 4 feat, which isn't accessible unless your opponent is very far ahead. However, the feat takes time to setup and has a distinct gorund indicator when you are approaching it.

3. If you are finding that your opponent is being very passive and waiting for the opportunity to dodge attacks consistently, the best thing to do is fake them out with feints in order to get them to prematurely use their dodge attack.