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05-12-2018, 03:33 PM
After reading it multiple times and hearing Bio it say on the last stream, that the old tournament ornaments get removed permanently: Please do not remove the old tournament ornaments and stop introducing limited time offers more and more. Faction war should be the only instance, which gives you one chance to get ornaments (as long as they stay these "every hero same plaques") and recurring events like halloween maybe. But imho it's dead wrong to decide that specifically designed ornaments for every hero are "time-based" obtainabe. The faction war and the special event thingies are enough stuff you can "miss".

But filling the game with desireable content, just to remove it sooner or later once and for all is and always will be dead wrong to me and is so very contradictive. Don't jump on the trend train with other developers/publishers, don't do more "limited time offer" stuff, it may generate some players temporarly but it won't contribute on the long run, because it will turn many players pretty mad and angry.

There are day-one-players like me, who aren't able to play without a (even longer) break, but IF they play, then they go nuts like everyday several hours. But it doesn't matter because some rewards were removed permanently, are lost for every other 1000h+ player, who just didn't play that season and it leaves a bad taste. I'm a collector-type, I love getting nice stuff for my hero/heroine. I honestly don't care that much how other ppl look, or better, I CAN'T care, because the only time the opponents can show off their bling bling is in the loading screen. During a match - most of the time - things are too fast paced to give it even a closer look.

And the only thing that happens, when you remove possibilities to collect (older) vanity items, is, that the ones, who were not able to get them, are kind of p***ed. If you just leave them in, I think, there are just very few owners of these items, who are actually angry about, that other players can still get the ornament, if there are some anyway. And I definitely refuse to turn For Honor into a part time job, just to be able to fetch everything nice, you offer us.

My opinion is, that players care more about their own looks than the looks of others. So what's the point of removing incendive things to play the game other than wanting the non owner players to have no reason to play the game or at least certain game modes like tournament anymore? Right, there is no point except you think, that you can keep your number of players stable if you just do this often enough. Don't go that way, I beg you. Sooner or later it will result in a game, tons of content was released for, but only half a ton is left because the other half was removed in the name of of "limited time offers".

Please restrict it to faction war and seasonal events like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day etc., but don't force your dedicated players to play For Honor for the wrong reasons.

Thanks for reading,
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05-12-2018, 04:45 PM
I second this entirely, however they will most certainly remove them. They don't read these forums at all, and what the CM's say to them (if they even do) goes by their ears. Nothing from this forum has ever made it into the game.