View Full Version : About removing Blood Orchid Skins and green German police cars and operator skins...

05-10-2018, 04:41 PM

The Blood Orchid uniforms are afaik the most popular seasonal skins that were released so far. I myself like them a lot like many others do.

Now that they are about to be removed when Para Bellum will be released I have a better suggestion than simply removing them:
Why don't you make an allrounder out of this? Like making it available for all operators that came post BO and those who'll be released in the future. It is a simple skin that could be made available for new(er) operators without too much effort. The idea behind this is to make a dark skin available as an alternative choice for when such bright base uniforms like Finka and Lion use are released. With a season pass you're of course able to use the blue one for Lion and the green one for Finka, but without that only the Operation Chimera skin can be used until now and who knows, if the next seasonal skins will have a nice dark pattern people like?

Then there is another thing I'm wondering about:
Why are the German police cars e.g. on Clubhouse still green? The German police changed to dark blue uniforms a long time before Siege was released. IQ's elite skin also uses the old color. Yes, I know that this is not an uniform, but still... The reason for that change was to use colors that are close to what most members of the EU use to make such things more equal across the EU. In my opinion some rework should be done here.