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05-10-2018, 02:02 PM
I know there are better classes, but the Warden looks cool okay? Nothing wrong with maining a character because of their style, right?

So, i'm new to the game. Pretty new in fact, I bought it while it was 8 on steam less than a week back. I don't think I'm doing too bad, I can definitely tell I've got a long way to go, and I feel like if I wanna get there i've got a lot of frustration ahead.

For Warden, I'm learning the different combos to use and when to use them (Or i'm trying to at least), but I keep having issues with this. Different characters just seem immune to certain things, sometimes my guard break literally does absolutely nothing even tho it clearly hit them and it just makes me vulnerable. Sometimes it doesn't even last long enough to pull a combo off. Shoulder charge stuns the enemy for about half a second and they're back up again, which gives me no time to attack. Sometimes I get hit with blockable attacks that I simply cannot block. I've had no explanation as to how to properly parry, as at the moment it just seems random. And the Warden can counter top attacks with a top light attack? That's gotten me killed a few times.

I have a feeling the matchmaker is slightly to blame for this, i'm being thrown into the deep end against players who I can only assume have been playing this game for a year. Sometimes pulling off perfect chains of attack that I have no chance to defend myself against. As a new player, learning is much easier when playing against people of the same level, then gradually increasing as my skill increases. Not being thrown against players who are "on-par" with me but actually have 10 times the experience I have.

I understand Warden isn't the best, and I don't expect it to be. I also don't expect to win every fight, nor do I expect to ever be the best. But, it's has to be playable right? Even if it isn't, i'm still gonna try. They look cool.

So, can I have some tips? When should I time things? Are there any combos I should try (GB/SB + combo) etc? Any Warden pros out there that can help?

Not even gonna mention 2 v 1s, or 3 v 1s... or 4 v 1s... I don't think i've got any hope in that area.

05-10-2018, 02:18 PM
Im far from a warden pro, I used to play him a lot back in the beta and beginning of the games release, Nobushi is my main

Warden has a few basic things with shoulder bash, the reason you werent hitting them is because you didnt follow up your attack soon enough.... Literally, the second you see your character connect with the enemy, do your follow up...

You have Top-Light > Uncharged Shoulder Bash > double side lights (going to call it SB from now on) (You can also side light, but they're 100ms slower than your top attack)

Top-Light> Fully Charged SB > top heavy

Dodge Left/Right > Uncharged SB > side lights

Dodge Left/Right > charged SB > top heavy

Also remember shoulder bash can be cancelled 400ms into the windup by pressing Guard break or Feint Button (B or O on controllers)

A fully charged shoulder bash can wall splat as well.

Your "safe" attack is your zone, try not to spam it cuz people will see it coming after a use or two (considering how limited wardens kit is)

Those are about all the basic tips I can give to help you get started on him....

I highly recommend fighting against bots for a while until you grasp your follow ups and learn how to play him defensively (Which is probably the best way to play him atm) people say his SB is op but those are the guys who dont roll, for whatever reason...

So, remember to throw your attack as soon as bash connects.

Your top light and zone attacks are 500ms and your side lights are 600ms (Meaning, use your side lights less often)

PS: Guardbreaks are stupid sometimes, you can be as close as possible, have someone trapped in a corner and still whiff a guardbreak...

05-10-2018, 02:27 PM
Thanks for that, i'll definitely try a few of those combinations, but will try it against AI in the arena. I have been practising a lot to get the basic combos down bit of course the AI do not react or attack like players, so while I can have a combo and defence aced, against players is a whole other level, so that'll definitely take some time.

What do you mean by fully charged and uncharged shoulder bash? And my safe attack? Is that the attack where I press both the left and right MBs at the same time and he swrings in a massive area?

05-10-2018, 02:44 PM
Yes, the safe attack he is referring to is your zone attack, its when you press the light and heavy attack buttons at once. The wardens is very quick and most people don't block it in time.

The shoulder bash move can be held down and charged for a greater push back effect. You can charge it all the way or just release it quickly to stumble your opponent .

05-10-2018, 03:23 PM
Oh okay, I understand now, thank you for clarifying! That shoulder bash charge; Would it be difficult to use against an opponent unless they are stunned as surely they can just attack while you're charging up? Or against an opponent who is not paying attention to you in a 4 v 4 case?

05-10-2018, 09:47 PM
Oh okay, I understand now, thank you for clarifying! That shoulder bash charge; Would it be difficult to use against an opponent unless they are stunned as surely they can just attack while you're charging up? Or against an opponent who is not paying attention to you in a 4 v 4 case?

Charged shoulder bash is much more risky, but if you charge it past a certain point it gains hyper armor (Meaning someone cant interrupt your attack [Unless its an attack like Nobushi Kick, for example.]) You've gotta be able to read your opponent to make this work in a 1v1... Honestly this move is just hoping your opponent makes a mistake, or is very predictable.

Yes, its much better to use it in 4v4's when they arent focused on you.

Also, the "parry with a light" has VERY STRICT timing, but its very strong (Keep in mind, you can only do this in the top guard.)

Also remember ANY side light you land, has a guaranteed follow up by pressing the button a second time.

05-10-2018, 10:51 PM
I'm not a very good warden but i'm very familiar with him. I will be speaking from a duel perspective since that's pretty much all I play. If you have any questions beyond what I say specifically or something I said is confusing feel free to ask me or ask for clarifying.

Wardens kit is very limited and getting good use out of him means understanding match ups really well and having the base game mechanics down well.

Learning to crushing counter (top light timed with an opponent attacking you) is super important because it's a meaty 40 damage hit that guarantees a follow up bash. which gives you either a top light or 2 side lights. Early on you can practice throwing this randomly since it's unlikely that you'll be fighting experienced players who can reliably parry a raw light. But later on you'll want to learn to bait people into it. How you bait it kind of depends on who they are playing and how they play.

My popular thing to do is land a light or a heavy on any side and then follow up with another heavy after but feinting it and then doing a light in anticipation of an attack. But you can delay this light after the feint depending on what you're up against. if the person has a particularly slow heavy then delaying is smart. But if they have a faster heavy like say centurion or aramusha you can let the light fly after the heavy feint immediately to catch it for the crushing counter.
You can also just heavy feint from neutral and light after.

In regards to his shoulder bash it can be used after a dodge to punish certain things like warlords headbutt or centurions kick. it guarantees a top light or double side light. and can be chained from either of those into another bash. however most experienced players can dodge out after the first bash that landed. and better players can dodge away from the bash even after being hit from an attack. So you shouldn't just let bashes fly all the time. as people can dodge and get a free guard break from it in most cases.

Shoulder bash can be canceled into a GB via pressing your guard break button or you can just cancel normally with your feint button. I like to do this and then immediately zone or just wait to see their reaction and try to punish that. shoulder bash cancel into zone catches most dodges or dodge attacks providing you're close enough. In regards to this I also heavy feint into zone often as well. Just don't overly rely on your zone. as it costs a lot of stamina and is negated by them simply resting their guard in that side.

Canceling your bash with a GB attempt is usually what most wardens do after going back into the loop of the bash>double light>bash in attempt to catch people who dodge. But if you do this too early you'll just be counter guard broken. The window on canceling it into GB is very small. So it, in my opinion, isn't a worth while thing to do. But if you happen to notice your opponent is a very dodge happy person this is the best option to punish that.

The final thing you can do with bash is charging it up all the way by holding down the button. If you charge it up all the way you get armor. which means you can be hit by an attack and not get stunned. This guarantees a top heavy. It's worth noting that both your double lights after a bash and this top heavy HAVE to be buffered in order to connect. Buffering an attack means during the animation of something else you input this attack. so during your bash landing on the opponent you'll input the attack you want. If you wait until the bash animation ends completely the double side light is blockable and you'll likely whiff your top heavy leaving you open for a guard break that you can't CGB out of.

If you do manage to land a guard break on your opponent always check to see if there is a wall or some surface near you to throw them against. This nets you a top heavy if you throw them into it. which is 40 damage. otherwise if there is no wall just do a side heavy. Parrying wise if you parry a heavy double side light is your optimal damage. and if you parry a light top heavy is your optimal damage. One final note about wardens bash is sometimes you can opt to use a side heavy instead of side lights since their start up animations look basically identical. It likely won't land but you can use that as parry bait or more likely try to surprise them with a feint into a guard break.

Since the back dash got universally nerfed you can actually use back dash into shoulder bash as a punishment to people who try to punish your back dash. I sometimes back dash into a fully charged shoulder bash on opponents who are hyper aggressive. But because you can cancel the bash as soon as you start it you are basically unpunishable unless they know you're going to do this and try to hit you with a fast light. which never really happens. Warden also has a decently fast running attack. So if you unlock sprint for a lil and then do the attack you might land it. the recovery is good on it as well so you're unlikely to be punished from that. But unlock strats are a bit more advanced so no real need to go into that at the moment.

05-10-2018, 11:48 PM
Awesome advice everyone! I've been on a recent Warden binge myself, so I think I might steal some tidbits of information here and there from this. ;)

05-11-2018, 11:57 AM
Some excellent information here! Thank you everyone!

I've discovered a relatively beneficial way to practise some skills and get timings down, and that is playing against lvl 3 bots in Tribute vs AI. I mean, it's sad I know, their bots. But, they're pretty good bots, and they allow me to practise certain things as the bots follow patterns. It also means I gain XP faster which means I can get cooler gear, which lets be honest, it's the most important thing here :D

05-11-2018, 12:17 PM
Dont down play lvl 3 bots dude they are no joke, those things are probably better than at least half the FH community (me included). If you can keep up/win against lvl 3 bots youll do alright in this game

05-11-2018, 01:22 PM
I've won every match played against AI so far (Albeit about 5) :P Had a team and we kept readying together and trying to get the matches done as quick as possible, due to the lack of communication (Chat off by default, k) we couldn't stick with a plan and just kind of learned from each others gestures (They realised I was hanging around the tribute when I placed it to protect it as you only ever really get one bot try to come and take it, so they did the same). When the bots snuck through it only longed the match out and we'd end up coming out with 10-13 takedowns each.

They can be quite difficult, pulling off chains that are really long and sometimes I misinterpret and change stance too early, buts that's just me needing to learn how long the chains actually last and how much stamina some of the characters actually have (Sometimes it feels like they never end :P). It's quite a bit more fun at the moment, as it's less frustrating, but as I get better, it'll get easier and I can see it getting quite repetitive so i'll shift back to PvP every once in a while. Probably more for duels.

EDIT: It's quite a nice source of XP as well, it's quite, and combined with it being less frustrating you wont get burned out as quickly.