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05-10-2018, 07:29 AM
Hi there, I'm new here! My name is Josie. So I have a few things I am wondering about/hoping my suggestions will be considered.

So first off, I am really hoping drug and gun trafficking and like a whole black market system is a thing where you can have a different experience in the game. Perhaps it could enhance fighting and defensive skills? I was thinking of this because I saw the cinematic trailer and thought that drugs should definitely be in the game because of the criminals and stuff. (I'm talking stereotypes, people that do drugs are not always bad people Lol) I'd like it to be kinda like a mix of how Far Cry did it and Fallout 4. It'd be like a lot of visuals and you would also be able to find people doing the drugs in like ally ways in the cities. Even things like cigarettes should be in it as obtainable items maybe.

Second, I'm really hoping y'all do a Saints Row or The Sims style voice acting for the characters we play as. It would give a lot of personality to them and I think a lot more people would like to get more involved in their players story.

Third, Will we have a Cell phone type thing? Maybe a hologram device or something? I think that would be an amazing way to buy vehicles and get them driven or flown to you from your phone. But please don't do it like Watch Dogs 2 where literally everything is on the phone Lol

Fourth, I'd really like this game to be highly moddable because I love playing with mods and getting new sound effects and vehicles and stuff. That gives the game a VERY long life span to where people could be playing it years and years later simply cause they can get tons of new content through mods. And also, on the sounds subject, I really like realistic gun shot sounds and stuff. I think it adds so much to the immersion.

Fifth, (At this point I'm just rambling on Lol) I would really like a update on how the cities in the actual game look like and how the feel of them are. So maybe make a video of the monkey just slowly walking though a city looking around at what we'll be seeing and what things we can do? It would really hype the game up cause in a poll I just took, I think the cities are what people were looking forward to the most.

Anyways, I might add to this post later as I come up with new stuff. But comment down below, especially if you're a developer that can give me some insight on if my suggestions will come true.

05-10-2018, 09:03 AM
There is already this thread for everyone wanting to post his ideas I think it would be nice if the mods can pin it so everything is on the same place