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05-08-2018, 03:06 PM
There's no other game than Anno 1800 that interests me in these forums.

In Anno 2070 I had freedom, my own ideologies like choosing the Eden Initiative. My deeds did show who I am. It helped me see who I am. For me a game isn't just a game. I wanna live in the game. Have options in the game which I have not in reality. like executing my ideologies.

The choices between order & chaos.. I wanna have the choice between right and wrong, at their separate costs.
For everyone himself to know which way to go.

This is what has made 2070 and it's a kind of freedom!

05-09-2018, 10:15 PM
I can partly agree with what you say altough in 2070 it was "to" seperate.
I think diffrent goods and ways to do thing are the key but not al are needed. Like there are 2 ways you would be able to produce a certain good. one in a "good" way and one in a "bad" way to say it in your own words.

like in some parts you can be good and in others bad. this gives players much more choise in charackteristics like a trusty merchant or a dangerous one. Or a good military power or a bad one.
and then follows the combinations to be a good military power but a dangerous merchant. and visa versa. Same with how you could treat your people, you could tax them for the maximum but expect more city disaster and riots or be a kinder one. Same goes with industry however the ecobalance was 2070 theme and i don't think we are going to see that returning.

05-10-2018, 09:13 AM
You got it, and of course it's not about ecobalance per se. You brought a good one, low taxes & high taxes with different costs and outcomes. I'd very love to see positive outcome by doing low taxes for example.

It would be great to have choices where you once may choose one way and once another.
Giving the player freedom of characteristics and personality.

I think that is absolutely needed!