View Full Version : Fresh blood (supports/contributes ideas)

05-08-2018, 09:12 AM
It is very good that they are dedicating themselves to renewing the heroes that are already on the battlefield, it is good to balance a little what is dying,
how to put a jump from the modified shaman to the orochi, it's not a bad idea, but two changes in two heroes every two months is scarce.
They already have a skill tree in many heroes which they do not use at all, and if I refer to the set of movements that have the final boss of the campaign for honor, against which we could face recently in the event of "put your metal to the test", It is a very funny skill tree, like the Apollyon impalement that is dragged half the map or the blows that the boss Huscarle had,many movements that include including them in the game now or even replacing the trees that pose now, it would be an interesting change and would transform the guardian into a character that consists in repeating tackling and playing with the 50/50 luck, putting the Apollyon set would make it totally different and very fun.
Well what we are looking for is fun, the damage caused by certain movements may have to be adjusted to be a little more balanced in certain things, but things like that will revitalize a lot for honor, and not two changes every two months, since they are two changes that may be fine, but in two days they will forget that they have been changed.

And since I write this I also wanted to say something about personalization, why do not they include apart from the ornaments of the helmet, ornaments for the body?
In plan, I would like to see an aramusha or a nobushi that hangs on his belt or sleeves, or some part of his suit long red ribbons that move when they run or with the same wind. Why not a Lawbringer who pulls chains of his armor ?. And what about the Vikings, what face would they put on their enemies when they see skulls hanging from their backs?