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05-07-2018, 10:56 PM
I've been seeing a few posts about the Shugoki and so, I want to share an idea on how I would rework Shugoki. The list below is what I would change or add.


-Confirm off from any chains.
-Can cause enviromental kills and wallsplat. (Reduce the push back a fair bit to compensate the enviromental/wallsplat kill.)
-Remove the extra stamina cost after leading a headbutt. (Uses an extra 8 stamina when I last tested in Training Mode.)

Charge of the Oni:
-Revert it back to Season 1, but...
-Knocks down OOS opponents
-Knocks down while in revenge mode

Demon Ball:
-Cause wallsplat stun if the opponent is near a wall, if not, it will do what it does as always.

Zone Attack:
-Not much to do with his ZA. Many people request that the second swing should be unblockable which is not a good idea. It'll be another Aramusha ZA.
-Make the ZA come out faster than it is right now.

Demon's Embrace:
-Remove one hit kill at critical.
-Remove health lost if miss.
-Remove damage scaling.
-Add a flat 40 damage and 40 health regen. (reason because of the stance that enhances the move)
-Recovers full stamina on hit.

Uninterruptable Stance:
This is a big issue for many players to go through. Since Shugoki is built around his hyper armor, I would make his Uninterruptable an actual stance like Full Block. In the stance, Shugoki can move around slowly having hyper armor activated until he leaves the stance. The stance will consume stamina while he's in it. He can be guardbroken out of it. While in the stance, some of Shugoki's movesets are enhanced. Shugoki cannot perform any chain combos such as L>H, H>L, or dodge while in the stance. He can, however, perform guardbreaks from the stance.(Note: Shugoki will not take 2x more damage while hyper armor is down.)

Enhance abilities while in Uninterruptable Stance

You can still perform a light/heavy into headbutt because its not an actual chain from his combo. If Shugoki throws out a move, example, a light, he will leave the stance after the light attack animation finishes. The same goes for the rest listed below.

Heavy Attacks
-Becomes unblockable.
-Faster startup.
-Can be feinted or soft feint into Demon's Embrace.

Demon's Embrace: (Becomes Demon's Rage)(Different Animation)
-Shugoki wraps his arms around his target and crush their back. Similar to a bear hug.
-Faster startup
(If he lands the move, Shugoki will say something like "Too weak, now die!" in Japanese. Lol.)

This is what I, personally would rework Shugoki to because I want to focus mainly on the hyper armor mechanic. I didn't add more chains because there's no point in to doing so because, as I stated before, focusing on his hyper armor mechanic.Like always, be glad to know what other's thoughts are.

05-08-2018, 04:32 PM
Heavy Attacks
-Becomes unblockable.

I've got some good news for you...