View Full Version : Shaman's sprint speed is dumb

05-07-2018, 10:34 PM
As shinobi the match starts and I use my super sprint to get to a zone as fast as I can, then there's just a shaman keeping up with me...

05-07-2018, 10:40 PM
You do know they use voodoo magic, right? they use blood portals to reach zone A.

Serious reply:

They probably took a shortcut. Also in some maps, the match starts while the camera is still zooming in on your character, you can initiate movement before the camera reaches you. Happens on The Shard and Temple Garden.

We were sprinting next to each other and she was keeping pace...

05-07-2018, 11:51 PM
Shinobi's SS is faster but will drain stamina, also you might have just gotten unlucky by bumping into uneven terrain (it will reduce your speed, doesn't matter if you're holding sprint). Stairs as well don't help.

I recently caught something on Reddit. Shaman while dashing and doing her dash heavy didn't even catch that Orochi. Notice it was flat terrain.


Granted, by staying like that for a whole minute he probably got caught, but then again, only Shinobi and Peacekeeper can truly keep up against Shaman.

Terrain is pretty uneven in this game, and by uneven I mean a lot of unwanted collisions happen. First collision happened at 0:12, and he rolled twice, that's why she caught up.

These collisions have a lot of defined hitboxes around a lot of decorative objects, and around certain building corners / wall corners in several maps. The maps basically hate you.

Granted the dude wasn't looking, but he literally "bumped" into something, he didn't even hit the wall. It was obvious to spot, but only when you watch it several times.

If you wanna run fast, make sure you stay away from walls and decorative objects.

From the Excel / GoogleDoc spreadsheet:

Shinobi sprint speed raw estimate: 10.18 km/h
Shinobi Supersprint speed raw estimate: 10.69 km/h
Shaman sprint speed raw estimate: 9.47 km/h


If you ask me, I think these exaggerated collisions are meant to facilitate wallsplats. We're unlikely to see a fix to this unless they can revise every single 4v4 map, and even then, you can bet they'll miss something. Just avoid walls and objects (and minions) when you wanna sprint unhindered. In some tighter maps, such as The Shard, keeping clear of walls all the time is really hard. You'll almost always land on a collision.

Even if thats true (which i doubt) shaman or PK shouldnt be able to catch someone in full sprint with jump attack tracking. I just had a shaman jump and track to me from 20 feet away, while i was in full super sprint as shinobi. Also, either shaman's dodge recovery ends BEFORE her dodge ends, or she can guardbreak mid-dodge, since i've never been able to shinobi ranged gb a shaman when i bait them to dodge by faking out a kick. The ONLY person who i see this happen with besides her is aramusha.

05-08-2018, 12:34 AM
Yeah, Shaman's forward dash heavy is the only thing she'll beat Shinobi with. That move covers a fair bit of ground. Far as I know, both Shaman and PK have 500ms dash recoveries on front and side (unless they recently changed something on PK with her rework). And you are correct, Ara has 500ms recovery on side. Shinobi's ranged GB, considering max range, is either 600 or 700, I forgot. So your window would be pretty tight, and with the rampant latency and lag in pvp, it gets even harder.

When shaman and aramusha counter the guardbreak right in their face, its only like halfway into the dodge which triggers me