View Full Version : STOP matching me with all the new players

05-07-2018, 08:22 PM
What is the point of matchmaking or skill brackets if every dominion match i'm just put with 2 or 3 people who are rep 0 level 1? It's just an instant loss when the majority of my team are just squelching around feeding the enemy feats.

05-07-2018, 09:45 PM
Hm, free weekend? Maybe quit Matchmaking when it goes to "extended" or even "all" skill levels and reps? Would help...

05-08-2018, 12:10 AM
Maybe the game perceives that u alone can carry the whole team, that your kdr, or whatever it is they use to weigh, is relatively on the same level with alll the other team. Take it as a compliments. No matter how inaccurate it is;)
Or u just encounter a premade death squad.