View Full Version : How to improve?

05-07-2018, 06:02 PM
I'm in a bit of a weird situation. I played this game off and on for months but a friend of mine got it a few months ago and went full on 24/7 playing and he's gotten far past my skill bracket (although we are pretty much even during sparring) matchmaking will always throw me into people on his level when I play with him. I don't do bad but I certainly don't do great.

The problem with this is when I play on my own level I end up destroying pretty much everyone because I'm used to playing against people on his level.... so what kind of training can I do to get better? Or should I just keep powering through with my friend until I get to the same level

I started with PK, went to zerk, then nobushi, valk, glad, and now back to valk.

05-07-2018, 07:59 PM
Hero choice matters little when it comes to expertise and skill, any hero can be pretty deadly in the right hands. I'd certainly encourage to keep plowing through the higher-skilled players, and also go into training arena or custom match, and handicap yourself in some ways and aim to overcome the enemy bots. For example, in training arena, I always turn off the bot's stamina and turn off the cooldown setting so he keeps coming at me with maximum impunity, and I always select the worst ever combos and patterns, as well as activate his level 3 bot mode. And in custom match, for example I go select brawl and I turn off auto-fill bots, and I go alone against a duo, both level 3. The aim isn't to win; the aim is to improve.

These are all great suggestions. It also sounds like you're not too far behind your friend, even if he's carrying slightly. If you're feeling challenged but managing to win a solid amount of games, technically you're in a good spot in matchmaking. :)