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05-06-2018, 01:35 PM
I really wasn't expecting a PK rework this season, but being a PK main, I'm sure as hell am happy she got one. She definitely needed a nerf and some tools to make her playstyle more interesting.

Firstly, I love the change to the heavy into light soft feint, and I'm happy it isn't just a copy paste of Shaman's, that can come from any direction. The soft feints into GBs and dodges from heavy finishers is nice, and will definitely allow for more interesting mix-ups.

Her main nerfs came in the form of damage reductions, and this is where I have some small issues. I fully support nerfing the damage of her lights, her zone, and her dashing thrust (that thing is a pain in 4v4) because those moves were very low risk high reward. TBH I think that 15 is still too high for her zone, and that 12 would be more appropriate. She could maybe also do with some further damage reductions to her lights.

I'm slightly torn about the nerf to deep gouge. While it certainly helped make her heavies too strong, it now also means that her dash attacks will do less damage. Her dash attacks were quite strong, but they were her main counterattacking tool (after all, she is described as a counter-attacker). I also think they were fairly balanced, because unlike most heroes, she can't chain into anything after her dash attacks (other than deep gouge), and if she misses one, the recovery time is long enough to let most heroes get a free heavy.

I think that if you're going to nerf the damage on her dash attacks, I suggest allowing her to follow them up with a chained heavy. That way PKs have to choose between going for deep gouge (the safer option), or another heavy (which could open up further mix-ups).

Her heavies were undoubtedly too strong too (up to 50 damage if combined with the deep gouge), but taking them all the way down to 20 (30 with deep gouge) was a bit too harsh IMO. Now, if anything, PKs are more incentivised to light spam instead of going for the slightly riskier heavies, since two lights now deal more damage and are much easier to land. The double lights also allow her to follow up with a heavy finisher (and further mix-ups), which she can't do with the heavy opener if she goes for deep gouge.

What I suggest is bringing her top heavy opener up to 25 damage and leaving the side ones at 20. The disadvantage of using the top heavy is that it has less soft-feinting potential (because the light soft feint comes from the same side). I think this option could incentivise PKs to go for more preemptive heavies (if, for example, they predict their enemy is going for a GB) instead of the safer lights.

05-07-2018, 05:04 PM
After reading this thread (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1877784-PEACEKEEPER-IN-S6-A-faux-rework-amp-the-difficulties-to-make-her-interesting) I had another idea.

I get that back dodge had to be nerfed because assassins (especially PK) could spam it when OOS and get away with ease, but PK is supposed to be about going in, dealing damage, backing out and then repeating. What I propose is make her deep gouge a retreating move like the Nobushi has, whereby after using it she can automatically jump backwards to make some space between her an her opponent.

Deep gouge can't flow into anything, and is a chain finisher anyway, so it makes sense that after using it she should be able to back away. Doing it this way also means that PKs can't spam light and zones, retreat, and then jump back in to repeat the process. They have to actually land a heavy or a dodge attack to be able to safely back away.

On reflection, I also thought that she could do with a slight nerf to her triple stab, especially considering that now bleed can stack and that PK has a soft feint into GB from chained heavies (making GBs much easier to land). Bringing the damage from 8 8 16 to 7 7 13 should be alright. Also since they nerfed the dashing thrust, the stab, stab, wall splat, dashing thrust, deep gouge combo is not as useful (especially since the stamina cost is quite high). Nerfing the last stab from 16 to 13 might make it worth going for.

So, in conclusion:

1) Nerf her zone and light attack damage slightly further.
2) Bring the top heavy damage up to 25 from 20 but leaves sides at 20
3) Allow PK the option to chain dodge attacks into a heavy finisher instead of going for deep gouge
4) Make deep gouge a retreating move
5) Slightly nerf the triple stab damage

05-07-2018, 08:52 PM
Thanks for sharing. Always good to hear thoughts on the reworks. We'll be keeping an eye on the feedback, gameplay, and data to see where she's at following the update so i'll keep this thread in mind in case you have additional thoughts at that point.

05-07-2018, 09:20 PM
Dear Ubisoft/user of the created forum,

Peacekeeper is fast as it is and has a lot of moves that aren't unblockable, but are too fast to be blocked. This will make an outrage in the community. Orochi does deserve a rework, but it's scary to think we're going to have another overpowered character. I was really looking for the rework on warden and warlord, but I am severely disappointed. Along with this, it has been over a year and there is still a lot of lag. The "Dedicated servers" have not done anything to the game. I have not seen any changes from the dedicated servers and again I am left disappointed. The lag is worse than ever along with the over powered characters, and I don't think it'll ever be changed. I'm full on complaining. This is my first post ever, because I had enough. Most of the game play is unfair/lag central. When will this all be fixed? I'm so sad because a great game has turned into something as bad as trash. I thought there would be greatness in this game. It was original. Vikings, Samurai, Knights. It is perfect. But with good comes bad./ And your bad overpowers the good. I don't mind a little lag here and there, however, it is nonstop kicking me and other players out of lobbies. There needs to be a change. Ubisoft, with my greatest respect this game will turn to trash if you don't change these things. Fix pk but not over power her. Fix lag, don't prolong, and fix orochi but not over power her. Along with Kensei, Centurion, Aramusha, and Shaman but that's a different story. I'm losing hope Ubisoft. This is very disappointing from a company I used to love...

05-07-2018, 11:13 PM
Thanks for sharing. Always good to hear thoughts on the reworks. We'll be keeping an eye on the feedback, gameplay, and data to see where she's at following the update so i'll keep this thread in mind in case you have additional thoughts at that point.

Thanks for the reply FredEx919. I'll be sure to come back here and post my detailed thoughts once I get to try her out.