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05-06-2018, 12:34 PM
I've been playing For Honor again recently, on a more regular basis. Some things haven't changed, other things I'm trying to look at with clearer eyes, as it were. I wanted to bring up a few points that aren't balance related (that's got to be refreshing around here, right?).

First point is the minions. Serious proposal; take them out of the game. Imagine if instead of a "minion lane' in Dom, we had a bunch of those captain sorts going at each other. I personally would feel a lot more important to the battle if I could take it seriously. If the footmen were basically the same size as me, and I was only worth 5 of them, not 500. I think the game-mode would feel so much more intense and immersive. The endless dwarf clone army is limiting how much I can enjoy Dom; I'm three feet taller and kill them in one hit, without exception. Imagine having to actually hold the line at B against competent foot soldiers while your reinforcements regroup in the castle and march forward to relieve you. Battles would start to have their own little narratives.

But that leads me to my next point, which is far more detrimental to the game and unfortunately deeply embedded in the way the game has evolved since launch. All incentive streams running in the background carry you from soulless game to soulless game as quickly as possible with the promise of getting to brutalize and humiliate some hapless sap you've never met. That's all the game cares about...that's all it is. Lore and narrative can only exist in a consistent and immersive experience, and For Honor has become the farthest thing from that. It constantly puts itself on pause for the sake of a meme or execution. Did you know Highlanders play electric guitar? Shugoki can karaoke. These legendary heroes are all cowards, constantly begging and fleeing. Peace Keepers are Jim Carry fans... It's depressing.

But alas, that is the game now. This is how things are and how they're going to continue progressing. An endless, soulless grind for steel. And that's really the issue, there's no soul; even the factions themselves are meaningless. I've said it before; not a single thing has been added to the game in over a year that contributes to the three factions. We get salt emotes, rainbow effects, more edge-lord bullsh!t than you could fit in a goth rave, but not even faction themed emblems. And its why the community is so toxic; you have to be really motivated to not be scummy. This game only connects players with a sewer pipe.

05-07-2018, 12:45 AM
I agree that the minions are garbage, but for very different reasons. The fact that Conq can get his unblockable heavy from all guard because of a minion hitting them is beyond stupid. Or how if you're close enough and go for a hit at an actual opponent as a minion hits you it can end up parrying the minion instead. Other than stuff like that I could care less.

This game is literally centered around fighting and besting your opponents. If you don't understand that then you shouldn't have bought the game. That's honestly like complaining that CoD multiplayer doesn't have more of a story to it. It's not supposed to. Now, if you want lore and narrative, the story mode is always there for you. Along with any other single player game. That's why it's called "Story Mode" and why "Multiplayer" isn't. When it come to the pace of the game the only thing that puts it on pause is personal preferences. No one forces you to perform executions, use emotes, or have effects. That's all on the individual. In fact you can completely turn off effects for not just you, but for everyone.

I would agree the Faction Wars are lackluster and could use some tweaks, but they aren't the main purpose of multiplayer, the games themselves are. For the community, it can be toxic for a number of reasons, just not the ones you mentioned. This isn't unique to For Honor, nor is it anywhere near the levels of toxicity I've experienced on numerous other game communities and forums. Bluntly, until you can name a single game without some section of it being toxic then you're just pointing out how some people choose to behave. Which is pretty pointless as it's well known and understood.