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05-06-2018, 11:50 AM
Now I would like to start with saying thank you for the free weekend trial , but I have done a few regular single player story missions, before this I spent the free steel on a character and a item set for my warden and peace keeper , so now I'm out of steel and realized I was getting a terribly low amount of steel very quickly and so I decided to just Google how to get steel quickly in For Honor and well , I was met with laughter as the term" quickly and get steel" was a nuisance and offencive to most people as it must be a troll joking, Because there is no fast way. Now I remember buying Final Fantasy 7 for playstation and receiving all the discs and charactera and all of the story and no dlc and I payed 30$ for it and it was over 100 hours of changing game play had so much dialog that I was reading on a highschool level when i was in 4the grade and it featured a long and detailed story , I'm on chapter 1.6 it been about 6-7 hours as I figured killing thousands would give me good in game currency , you know farming . Well after all that I have 240 steel and gained nothing for the killing but garbage , Oh wait my story lvl is 16 that's cool but I'm lacking steel for game play and looking at the prices for new characters 15000 steel you want $15 each $6$15=$90 that's worth more than your whole game plus dlc,And this trial was meant to encourage me to buy this to be ripped off? I'm sorry to say someone is out their mind ,I clearly cannot see how this makes sense if you want millions of people to play continuously over a long period of time you make the game fun entertaining and rewarding . That's just not going to happen with this game I'm not gonna buy it to play alone after this weekend.

05-06-2018, 11:00 PM
If you were looking for a good single player campaign then you bought the wrong game. This game is about playing online matches. It doesn't really take that long to earn 15K steel playing matches online. I'm not sure what FF VII or it's reading level has to do with anything, but video games are actually cheaper now than they've ever been if you adjust for inflation. All the stuff in this game is easily unlocked without paying more real money.