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05-05-2018, 11:33 PM

I'm not really happy about her. Actually, te only way I can describe this "rework" is with the sentence :"well at least it's a nerf"; which isn't a really great way to describe something as huge as a rework imo ...

Let's get started shall we.

1) The heavy cancel into bleed.
Not interesting. But necessecary. As explained during the stream, the huge flaw of that particular mixup was the fact that it came in the same direction as the heavy, thus making it countered by blocking in the very same direction originally. Also, the fact that the feint came super early also sometime lead to unwanted light parries, thus literraly going against the purpose of the actual move lol.
So yeah. That change was necessesary. A bit similiar to shaman now, but I can't think of anyway to make it useful so it's ok I guess.

2) The bleed unlimited stacking.
Feels like the best change. I think it must be quite funny to make the whole ennemy health pool go red. However, it kinda breakes the PK archetype right ? I mean, I've always looked at the PK as a poke type char. As said in her videos: go in, bleed; go out and watch; repeat. With the backdodge nerf, the "go out" part of the equation seems now quite unlikely? And now with this change, PK seems to go for more of a harasser type of char than a poke one.

3) The damage nerf.
Let's wait and see. Seems a bit heavy on the paper but you know, we'll see.

What I have imagined (damage values of inc S6 are kept) :

Make Pk a double stanced Warrior.
Upon deflecting, give Pk the ability to go for a heavy unblockable dagger strike, soft feintable with a gb (cancellable with the same timing window as the zerker unblockable - no 50/50 plz).
If the hit lands, deals 30 damage and stuck the dagger within the opponent flesh; making I'm bleed for 10 damage and for an infinite amount of time.
The opponent would then need to press O or B for something like 2 sec, to get the dagger out of him.
During the whole time the Pk lost her dagger, she stands up on her feet, get's her sword in front of her, puts her empty hand behind her back, and becomes a fencing warrior, with a whole new kit. Able to dance around her ennemy with quick and long movements, fast melee move to disrupt her opponent, and oppressing attacks to overwhelm him.

NEW CHAIN: Peri - Light + Light + Heavy
NEW CHAIN: Twisted Mind -> Light + Light + Light - PK pokes her ennemy with the tip of her sword, if the 2nd light hits, the 3rd one is guaranteed if direction not changed.
NEW CHAIN: Mighty Rage -> Infinite Heavies - PK spins and swings her weapon to keep an infinite momentum of heavies flowing.
NEW CHAIN PROPERTY: Under my rules ! - If PK's dagger is stuck in her opponent, each of her confirmed and regular blocked hit deals a small bonus amount of bleed damage
NEW CHAIN PROPERTY: Keep Up The Rythm ! - Upon landing an attack or getting regular blocked, PK next attack input can be pressed with a certain timing (similar to Absolver fight chain mecanic) so it get 100 ms faster each time up to 500ms heavys and 300ms lights.
NEW GB: Upon GBing an ennemy, PK in fencing form get's a guaranteed heavy.

NEW DODGE MOVE: Swift Dodge -> Upon pressing C (or right joystick down), PK glows white for a sec (visual feedback) and gets her sword behind her back (no actual delay between the input and the stance). Once in that stance, PK can't move anymore and trying to will lead PK to duck (Absolver windfall style once again). Doing so in the direction of an attack (parry timing) would make PK duck under the inc attack. If done correctly, PK performs a Dagger Shatter. If not (missed the parry timing), PK falls on the ground, allowing her opponent to punish her or take his dagger out.
The dodge it self has close to no actual recovery frames, but the Swift Dodge stance can get the opponent a free GB.
NEW MOVE: Dagger Shatter - Upon Swift Dodging succesfully, PK grabs her opponent and punches her dagger, inflicting a tremendous 45 bleed damage.

----> The whole new dodge mecanic is thought as a high risk, high reward move. Quickly inputing right stick down and left stick in the appropriate direction can be tricky to do but is possible on reaction, which is why I precisely said that there should be no delay between to input and the pk performing the moves; it's meant to be used as a sort of parry, not like an aramusha or a conq full block more of a "prediction" type of stance

05-07-2018, 01:43 PM
You know, before the PK rework reveal, I actually had an incredibly similar idea for the PK. Unlike Shaman and Nobushi, she doesn't have any special effects for applying bleed, so I though she needed something interesting to do with that.

I also had the idea of letting her leave the dagger inside her opponent, which would slowly cause bleed and apply some changes to her moveset. The way I had envisioned it was much more basic, whereby she could insert her dagger by holding R1/RB during any stab move (e.g. deflect, deep gouge, triple stab), and do the same to get it back.

Without her dagger she wouldn't be able to spam her light-light chain and would instead have to use more heavies. I like the idea of an infinite heavy chain which she can use to pressure her opponent as they desperately attempt to find an opening to get their dagger out. Overall she should be weaker in this stance though, otherwise she would be way too OP, being able to go into a more powerful form and deal damage over time using the dagger.

I think that to be balanced, if the enemy parries the PK, it should give them enough time to remove the dagger. The only real problem with this whole idea is that the PK needs a good way to get her dagger back. If the enemy drops the dagger on the floor infront of them when they remove it, then to get the dagger back, the PK could just walk/roll over it. However the real problem arises in 4v4, because an enemy that has the dagger stuck in them could run away, and now the PK has no dagger.

It would be a really hard mechanic to pull off in a balanced way, and it would require a lot of work from the devs. Now that the rework has been announced, I doubt that we'll be getting any major changes to her for a long time. Considering this, I made a post on the 'Suggestions & Feedback' section suggetsing some small adjustments to her rework: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1877940-PK-Rework-Feedback

I've always looked at the PK as a poke type char. As said in her videos: go in, bleed; go out and watch; repeat. With the backdodge nerf, the "go out" part of the equation seems now quite unlikely? And now with this change, PK seems to go for more of a harasser type of char than a poke one.

I totally agree with this. While I understand her backdoge was very annoying when she was out of stamina, being able to back out and get back in was kind of her thing. Maybe they could increase her backdodge distance again, but increase the recovery so she can't just back dodge continuously.

The other idea I had (which I prefer) was to give her a safe retreat move like the Nobushi has. I propose making deep gouge this move, whereby after using it she automatically jumps back. It doesn't even have to be automatic - it could be initiated by simply pressing dodge after the deep gouge - giving the PK the choice to back out or to continue applying pressure.

Deep gouge can't flow into anything, and it is a sort of finisher type move, so it makes sense that she should be able to safely back out after using it. Doing it like this would also mean that she can't just spam lights and zones, back out, then jump bakc in and repeat. She actually has to land a heavy or dodge attack if she wants to be able to safely make some distance between her and her opponent.