View Full Version : State of the game on PC = Lag to win

05-05-2018, 08:36 AM
Since you brought servers input lag and with the latest patch lag advantage has been the most anoying cancer of this game on PC.

If you fight a player that has a latency 15 above yours the followint things happen:

- Time to counter GB gets a lot shorter

- If you dodge an attack and start your punish the other player can block or parry it (broken). Another option is you dodge his heavy, he misses and he is able to GB you after his missed heavy. 3rd option is you dodge and his attack retracs and hits you even if you dodged it - this is totally brokene fix it

- The window to parry gets a lot smaller and for your enemy parrying light attacks becomes easy as parrying a heavy

The mechanics of this game are all broken so improve lag compensation. At the moment players with high latency have a huge advantage. Really I can not even win a duel tournament atm because I just meet that 1 high pinger each and every time.

Guys I wish you would have to play a player with latency 30+ on my 6-15 latency and take what I have to take.