View Full Version : Thoughts on some big changes

05-03-2018, 06:00 PM
The general idea here is to make defensive play more active, unify punish capabilities, buff up combo strings, and make assassins drastically different compared to standard heros:

~All heros now have a guard decay. Standard heros would get the current guard decay of most assassins. And assassins would get the guard decay of shinobi.

~A new feature called "perfect blocking" is introduced. Essentially you have to match the guard to the attack at the right time to interrupt the combo. If you don't you still block. But you receive chip damage and the combo continues.

~Due to normal combat behaving a lot like OOS combat you now take increased chip damage in OOS. And chip can kill. (if the chip would kill in OOS from a blocked heavy you break through the guard and can execute.)

~Assassins lose parrying VIA heavy attack timing. Instead deflect now behaves 100% like a parry (but with deflect animations still in play.) Essentially their parry has been moved to deflect.

~Assassins can now vary their attack timing on their dodge to a greater degree.

~Everyone's side dodge recovery is now 600ms. and everyone's forward dodge recovery is now 500ms.

~Input buffer is fixed and now the speeds of comboed attacks are at their correct speed (100ms faster than they currently are)

So basically now you have to actively block instead of passively. And the changes to how combos work both in the buffer fix and how they will continue in either normal or OOS states unless the person perfect blocked means combos become more usable.

It also introduces more of what we currently don't have much of. Which is options/mix ups that happen after something is blocked. These changes also nerf assassins ability to turtle as effectively but also make them more unique to their normal hero counterparts. Being pegged as "agile" now actually makes sense. Because a lot of their offense and defense is now focused on dodges.

The normalized recoveries gives everyone an equal chance to punish something/avoid something which is 100% needed in any fighting game. The way this is supposed to vary, in my opinion, is exactly HOW you punish/avoid something. Not wether you can or not.

The changes made to OOS are to keep it in line with being a state you don't want to be in. and because normal play got closer to OOS play it had to be changed.

I have no doubt that my ideas are flawed in some capacity. And I have no doubt this will cause some issues for current character kits. But I believe these ideas at their core are the right way to go with FH if we want to get it out of the rut it's in at the moment. These changes should, in theory tone down the need for super speedy hits, unblockables, and armor. We'd still need them and more mix ups in general. But the need for super strong mix ups like the kick/caber toss mix up or zerkers current kit in general should go down some.