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05-02-2018, 02:09 AM
I think that a cool idea for a future assassin's creed game would be one about an assassin going after al capone. This game would start off with you stepping into the shoes of a young child who is a member of an Irish gang. It will start with the young boy mugging a young couple who made the mistake of going out too late, but this boy also made a mistake he has stepped out of his territory and shortly after is chased by 5 young Italians mobsters. He will eventually loose them and make his way home. The young boy is excited its valentines day and hes finally decided to ask out that cute little Irish girl hes had his eye on for so long. It will cut to a cut scene where the boy is talking to himself trying to find out exactly what to say to her when suddenly he hears gun shots he runs home only find a group of men bearing the Templar cross surrounding the corpses of the boys own family. One of the Templar's begin to chuckle at the young boy. The young boy in a fit a rage pulls out his knife and begins to charge at the templar stabbing him in the arm . The templar now enraged throws the boy against the wall and furiously beats him. The Templars comrades will have to calm him down telling him that they have to report back to al capone. Now heres where it gets interesting al capone wont be a templar. He promised to give the templars an audience with him if they agreed to do this for him. Later in the game we will find out that al capone killed the templars yelling about how he would never bow to a higher authority them him unless god himself came down. This would show that AL capone only respects the authority of God. This game will be quite different because unlike other games you wont have fellow assassins helping you or ur helpful gang to assist you. You will take the role of a vigilantly who works closely with Eliot Ness. You will assist Eliot ness in rooting out dirty cops, busting local gang operations, and other such things. When working with the cops they will often shoot you in the back unexpectedly. In this game you will wear to sets of clothing one will be your vigilantly gear. Like Syndicate this will most likely just be you putting on your hood. Now while you are in this vigilantly mode you will be targeted by the police and random civilians who work for al capone. Unlike other games your main enemy will not be authority but local gang members who will randomly attack you on the street. The only way to spot them is with eagle vision. This game would also greatly concentrate on stealth. You are dealing with people not armed with swords but people armed with guns. A huge part of the game will be pick pocketing people to steal there guns. Also I think it would be cool to have a dog companion. I think it would be a cool way to ad to the eagle machanic origins by making it so that you can use the dog to lure people away from certain locations.

05-02-2018, 02:26 PM
Hey Jthadman,

Interesting idea!

Just to try to condense these types of threads, though, we typically suggest putting ideas like this into our Setting Speculation thread (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1859672-Speculation-and-Rumors-on-the-Next-Setting/page10).