View Full Version : PC Question Anyone wanna play AC Unity and skype/discord as well?

04-30-2018, 12:30 PM
So this is a little late, as unity is, I think, pretty abandoned. But is there anyone who wants to play AC Unity [PC] with me? Wether it's co-op missions or just exploring and stuff. Reply if you're interested. Also, very important, a small list of requirements:
- Do you speak and pronounce understandible English? (I've played with people who had a REALLY bad mic or just didn't speak English very well, which is a pain for me and not that fun)

- Do you know how the game works? (I don't want to play with someone and have to explain everything to them)

- Do you actually have Skype/Discord? (I only want to play with anyone if they have a form of communication like Discord, Skype or Teamspeak)

- Is your sound quality an PC good? (I don't want to not understand what you're saying or play with someone who lags all the time)

Reply if you're interested! :)