View Full Version : Banned by FairFight Unfairly??

04-30-2018, 02:42 AM
Hey Everyone!
Today I was going about my business, playing some casual matches, when suddenly I was kicked and told that I had been "Temporarily Suspended for 5 minutes due to cheating," and that I was now on "threat level one."
Earlier, I was playing on Border and decided to breach into the upper level. Naturally, before breaking the barrier and sprinting in, I threw my drone under the door and spotted Pulse. Because he was in locker room, the entire outside wall was destructable and unfortified. I tapped a few times in his general direction, and ended up headshotting him through the wall. No big deal. Now in the next game I played, on Kanal, something similar happened. Rook was in boat room, and spotted me on one of the cams (I think it was the construction cam) He began to spray at me through an unfortified wall, and ended up getting me down to 33 health. I aimed with my smg (I was playing Dokkaebi) and sprayed back at him, where the bullets were coming from. Once again, I killed him. Two lucky shots.
ANYWAY, my real question was should I be worried about getting a real ban in the future, and if I am banned unfairly is there any way I can appeal? Thanks! :D

04-30-2018, 03:15 PM
I do not have enough information to say for sure.
We don't have any visibility on temporary bans for the game.