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04-27-2018, 01:02 PM
The state of the game is disgraceful. I have been playing games since Hexen times prob most of you wonít even know. I donít consider myself amazing and but I would say above average. I have seen most of the changes in this game since I have been playing since alpha.

I bought this game the moment it came out because it looked amazing and had so much potential.

Inconsistency across the board stupid bugs gank festivals. Same move works different for different characters.

I had to give this a break few months because this is the most frustrating and cancerous game I have ever played in my life unfortunately. Also first game I had to come to found and complain about things. Sorry

First of all I shouldnít have to read update after update every time they do a patch this is a game not university degree. So many dramatic changes all the time means itís not really working. But we all love this game thatís why we are here we read the updates etc so yeah.

Yes yes game isnít perfect itís getting there devs are working but how long most of people are left. We have to remember this is a paid service just like anything you buy. You canít compete you are out simple as that. I could write here a book about things wrong in this game oh well...

We started to see improvements with recent changes and reworks or did we? We have Cent one move you are dead if not you are OOS. Now one charged attack boom you are on floor gank festival in 4v4. Not to mention he changes direction of this attack in the air same as raider grab. How is this physically possible? Then they do Kensei reworks give him hyper armor. What kind of stupid idea is this to give hyper armor to vanguard class? Which vanguard ever had hyper armor in this game? I outsmart a Kensei but I end up losing instead coz of hyper armor rather hitting him once I get hit twice. This is absolute ********. I play as nobushi hidden stance became useless as I said above. Kensei is god level now in this game. He has godstep dodge attack he can do that without taking a scratch even surrounded by whole enemy team. He has fast attack he has unblockable he has hyper armor itís like Shaman all over again. Yes we should wait etc etc but as I said how long? This is desperation nothing else. You would think they should be heavy class right? They donít give it to Conq but to berserker which is assassin? Bit of nonsense in my opinion. Conq has nothing heavy class about him until reworks.

Removal of GB after parry is a good idea I understand that. They want to decrease punish for parry and ledging from GB. This made the game ledge festival for some heroes. How? LB impale for example. LB can ledge somebody with impale so easily maps being small if not wallsplat gank festival boom if not I lose most of my health with stun on top. Whatís worse can happen to LB by being parried? I canít ledge him instead so worst case heavy attack. Pretty good trade/risk. Then we have warlord can ledge me in any direction with a single GB or raider grab again same. Then we have shaman no risk headbut easy ledge if not free attack. I shouted here for months this move is ridiculous reps didnít listen so whatever.

For example dodge attacks. Even for same class it works differently. Some heroes you can GB them during this attack. Some heroes you can GB after blocking some heroes you neither get GB or get GB after block. Consider Gladiator Valk and shaman. Shaman has the shortest distance and fastest for dodge attack without any risks I mentioned above. I play as Nobushi and I swear to God she teleports through my weapons cutting through her belly no effect but I get hit by a hatchet. Longest weapon vs shortest weapon. Shortest weapon wins.

Want to break defensive meta? Fine with me. Then we have LB just block shove move no risk at all. Or warlord headbutt or Shaman headbutt. Just spam moves.

I donít know about other people but I consider myself average or a bit above but for me Aramusha light spam is simple reactable on PS4. By the time you realise feint itís too late to react. Just like Zerk. I donít even think Zerk feints coz thatís not feint. We call it ďsoft feintĒ right? I should get better right? But maybe this is all I can become. In the end is this game for best if he best players only? I see whoever losing a match switching to Shaman Kensei cent Aramusha all the time.

There are many more things to say but I think I will stop here. Iím going to give up on this game. Games are supposed to be enjoyable not frustrating because so many things are broken in them. And one can only be patient for so long.

04-27-2018, 01:22 PM
I stopped reading as soon as you started complaining about Cent, and how he kills you in one move.

Youíd think, from being here from launch, youíd have gotten gooder by now, and understand how to play. Clearly, youíve been trying THE SAME CRAP since launch, if youíre still having problems with him. Maybe itís time to learn his moves? Every single one of them is avoidable.

Comon man... seriously. Try something different. Cent is NOT THAT HARD to figure out.

And Kenseiís dodge attack? If you canít bait that into a parry, then you donít know how to bait OR parry. Learn both. Then do it.

I do agree with the headbutt spam, and ridiculousness of ppl dodging while my weapon goes straight through them and does no damage. Like, if my weapon HITS you, it SHOULD HIT YOU.

04-27-2018, 01:24 PM
All I read was a list of moves that you cannot react to, therefor the game is "disgraceful". Or you got ganked because you ran alone into a 4 man group. Or the Bug on Cent that was fixed within literally DAYS. Or Characters that have DIFFERENT working moves, god forbid!

Sorry, but "git gud" is the only way I can reply to your statements. After they fixed Cent infinite loop (again, within days!!!), there is no "OP" move left. Only salty players who refuse to learn that in a Fighter game you have to learn every move of every Character if you want to play in the top skill brackets...

04-27-2018, 01:34 PM
Greetings mortal, are you ready to die?

04-27-2018, 02:13 PM
I have been playing games since Hexen times prob most of you wonít even know.


First of all I shouldnít have to read update after update every time they do a patch this is a game not university degree. So many dramatic changes all the time means itís not really working.
Eh? Sounds more like you haven't played any modern games since the times of Hexen. Major updates are kind of a thing of these things called, "On-line Multi-play-er Gaemez".

As for the rest of your complaints, it's basically a list of moves and characters you either dislike or cannot handle. Pretty much just generic gripes that every average to below average player harps on about in literary every PvP game ever invented.

04-27-2018, 11:20 PM

I haven't played Cent since season 2 to figure out how I'd fight him and even after his changes it's still the same. In 4v4 he can be tough, in Duels he is barely even playable. I'm actually impressed when I get beat by one in duels because of how terrible he is. I admire the players who main him. Honestly half of the time it is the player who can use a character to a more effective level, but he is so...avoidable how the heck can people openly admit he is unfair to fight against and claim they are skilled in the combat of For Honor IN THE SAME POST??!!!

04-28-2018, 05:42 PM
Expecting professionalism from Ubisoft's FH devs in terms of balancing the rooster is plain naivity.

After all Ubisoft is not known as a great multiplayer company.

04-28-2018, 06:07 PM
This game is a lesson in humility. We learn by our failures. All the time. or we just rant here :)

i got soo spanked last night in 5-6 fights , I guess i am worse than 35% of player base in 4v4 and most of those 35% showed up it felt like.

i main valk and was so maybe not in the best situation, but met also the best Valk I ever saw name (669 something!) and he/ she was the clear no 1 both teams for like 5-6 games. I actually learned a few things from him. And I was so happyproud for Valk :)

this game is just amazing. just stay humble and die with dignity, win with grace and modesty ;)