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04-26-2018, 10:35 PM
Welcome back, Riders! In this issue of Trials Garage, we’re going to focus in on the addition of Party Modes to the Trials series.

Party modes refer to multiplayer modes that can be played locally by players who are together in the same room playing on the same console. These modes are a fairly new addition to the overall series. Trials Evolution was the first game to feature a local multiplayer mode and with it brought a new way people could play Trials. Evo’s local multiplayer, called Supercross, brought the ability for up to 4 players to be able to simultaneously play Trials on tracks with 4 separate lanes, throwing back to older video games where players could enjoy a game together in the same room and sharing the same screen. Something that isn’t as common in modern games. In Evo the local and online multiplayer modes were more or less the same - though more options were on the way.



When Trials Fusion was released, it featured a local mode basically the same as Evo’s. The biggest difference were the tracks, which could use more physics, animations and use of logic tools due to the power of the new hardware. This allowed Trials Fusion’s Supercross tracks to be a bit more exciting and dynamic. Fusion’s online multiplayer was developed separately and released later to allow us time to overhaul the online mode and tune it specifically for online play. This allowed both online and local modes to be better suited to their audience which isn’t necessarily the same.

The single player career modes (Trials mode and the Skill games) are the favored modes in Trials Fusion but local multiplayer is right behind them as the 3rd most popular mode in the game. Depending on the time of the week, Supercross is played 1.5 to 2x more than online multiplayer. We can clearly see when looking at game stats that Trials is a game that many players enjoy playing with friends. The simple gameplay mechanics and quick match times make it a game that is easy to boot up and enjoy while hanging out with friends or family on a Saturday afternoon.


Those local multiplayers also tend to play a bit differently when it comes to bike choices. The Panda (quad) and the Unicorn are the two most popular “bikes” chosen in local multiplayer – making up 50% of all bikes chosen (Panda 32%, Unicorn 18%). This suggests that hardcore Trials competition isn’t the main focus for local multiplayers. Fun and humor have always been a part of Trials but it is rarely the main focus. Since local multiplayers appreciate this element of Trials a bit more, party modes create a good opportunity for us to let our crazy side show and try out new and fun ideas.


Incorporating the party modes has opened great ways for players to enjoy gaming together but we’ve really only scratched the surface with Evo & Fusion’s Supercross mode. We want to continue to find more ways for players who are together in the same room to enjoy Trials. When we think of new ways we could approach local play, it’s ideal to come up with ideas that can use the existing tracks so there will be an ample amount of content to keep players engaged and active. Just as we discussed last time with bikes, being able to reuse tracks ensures we have enough content to support new modes while not taking anything away from the core game.

We’ve discussed where we’ve been and where we’d like to go but, as always in the Trials Garage, we want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on the multiplayer modes? Do you play multiplayer modes? What do you like about them and is there something you think could make them better?

Thanks for swinging by for Party Mode in the Trials Garage! The Garage will be taking a month off in May but we’ll be back in June with more from the Trials Garage. Until then, we’ll see you on the leaderboards.

04-27-2018, 09:34 AM
You can call it "party-mode" but we discussed multiplayer in length a year ago...
Here are pages of feedback that covers everything in "party-mode".

Thank you for NOT paying attention to the community and thanks so much
for the tremendous feedback we get back from you guys after each TrialsGarage and numerous other threads created by your customers to improve on this game.
We feel really lucky that 4 years of great ideas from us, to you, has culminated in this slow and painful dance.

You are taking "a month off in may" ... you can call it that...
but you guys are 2 years on overtime with a new installment and nothing that's even remotely similar to a productive, good, communication with us,
You know..us, the ones that give you our money so that you have a job and income.

04-29-2018, 08:02 PM
Taking a month off from what? These Trials Garage threads are of no substance at all ,you're merely entertaining the idea that you might actually listen to the community thata fading away due to your lack of communication. Quite bored now, just give us news of a new game, please.

05-01-2018, 07:47 AM
As above really , you guys must have quite a laugh at the redlynx office!

05-03-2018, 09:23 AM
Taking a month off from what? These Trials Garage threads are of no substance at all ,you're merely entertaining the idea that you might actually listen to the community thata fading away due to your lack of communication. Quite bored now, just give us news of a new game, please.

a few months from the release of the game (September 2018), seems logical to me
it is obvious that trials Garage is useless the game must be finished at 90%

I think and hope that all the remarks have been taken into account during the release of Fusion trials because there was food for thought at that time

Hairy Cabbage
05-06-2018, 09:23 PM
I know I'm a little late to the party, but I figured I mas as well share my opinions on the topic anyway and hope someone may still be reading this.

First off, I guess you could say I'm in the minority when it comes to things like local multiplayer in games since I never use the feature in any game that has it, including trials. Because of this, you may assume i have little to say in regards to this post, but that's not quite true...

You see, when you start making claims like

but local multiplayer is right behind them as the 3rd most popular mode in the game.


The Panda (quad) and the Unicorn are the two most popular “bikes” chosen in local multiplayer

I start to get a little worried... And yes, it's not lost on me that this is referring to local play only, and that the core game play will (most likely) not be affected by this, but I hope at the same time that it's not lost on you guys that your stats quoted above quotes don't represent your CORE audience. And by this, i mean the people that have been keeping your game alive for the past 4 years, not the people that buy the game for a week and then drop out never to be seen again...

Naturally, when i say "core" audience, I'm talking about the custom track community (builders and riders alike). I guess what I'm trying to get at here is that i hope you guys don't spend TOO much time focusing on trying to make a new gimmick like you did with FMX, while continuing to abandon the features that your core long-term audience want to see (like you did with online MP when Fusion launched).

We were told LONG ago that features such as online coop editing and online skillgames wouldnt be making it into the next game, so i hope the time spend developing these new "fun" party mode features is not at the cost of these features that would make the game unbelievable LONG-TERM.

So yeah... I guess when you start quoting that bikes like the unicorn are among the top used content in the game, I hope you guys don't take this TOO seriously and think that adding terrible gimmicky bikes is more important than actual features that will set this new game apart from evo/fusion (and yes, i said evo AND fusion, because lets be honest, there have been no REAL advancements in the trials franchise since HD to Evo...)

You say

being able to reuse tracks ensures we have enough content to support new modes while not taking anything away from the core game.

But the fact that no one is actually choosing to make tracks FOR these new features should really tell you all you need to know about how popular these modes ACTUALLY are. Your stats from people playing the game for a day or two and then moving on is only half of the story, and i truly hope you guys know that...

05-07-2018, 10:47 PM
I think I would like to see a game mode that is less competitive and more cooperative. Some ideas from the top of my mind:

•The controls of the vehicle could be split so one player controls the gas and break and the other player the leaning.

•One player could be driving the vehicle while the other player has to trigger events. For example, make a ramp fall over or trigger an explosion at the right moment to free the way.

•There could be a vehicle consisting of multiple parts which need to be controlled cooperatively to beat the map. For example, a vehicle with one or multiple trailers which are controlled by one player each.

05-11-2018, 04:49 PM
I think I would like to see a game mode that is less competitive and more cooperative.


A cooperative local MP would also eliminate the issue of having vastly different skill levels in the same match where 3 out of 4 players tend to get poofed at every checkpoint. Also a straight copy of the double driver mode from Trackmania would be a welcome addition.
Even a rollercoaster inspired vehicle could work in my eyes. Kinda like the mine cart tracks in TBD but with 4 carts connected to each other with each player controlling one car.
Of course I'm only thinking about these as local MP only additions so it might not be feasible but if these specialized vehicles would be available in the editor for Single and multiplayer tracks then it may be a viable option.

05-21-2018, 03:35 PM
As mentioned, many of the salient points were covered way back in Trials Garage #2 when multiplayer was discussed and some of us commented on multiplayer more generally. I have played quite a bit of 'Party Mode' as we now seem to be calling it, with friends' kids.

So I'll say a couple of things then quote directly from my previous comments.

Firstly it doesn't surprise nor worry me when you say that Local MP Party is the most popular multiplayer mode, nor that the Panda and Unicorn are most popular choices, because in my experience I see this predominantly as a 'family mode'. After all, you're talking about a mode in which a bunch of folks all gather together round a single PlayStation. These are not the hardcore. They are the non-gamers and the younger children. The Panda and the Unicorn are the easiest vehicles to complete most 'Party' tracks with (and as a bonus the unicorn is easily the most comiical) and it's this that influences their choice more than anything - they make the party more inclusive. As long as Redlynx understands the stats they have pulled from the servers in this context, I don't see an issue there.

I like the idea of co-op and could see a 2 vs 2 multiplayer variant being a lot of fun, though nothing as simplistic as one player on gas, one on lean, as any course that is difficult enough to require finesse on the accelerator and brake will likely prove extremely difficult unless both players are experts. And if no finesse is required on the accelerator, controlling it is not going to be much fun to anyone over the age of 4. The minecart / double-driver mode might be great. Racing tandems anyone?

My number one most-wanted feature for Party mode would be for it to work across the net, on multiple systems. As I say, most of my experience is playing it with my friends' kids and they would propbably play it a lot more if I could play it with them without having to go round to their house. Three on their console, me on mine - that's how it should be.

Something to make the rotation of the bikes look a little clearer when they're quite small on the screen would be nice. Party mode has the camera pulling out further than in other modes and against busy backgrounds it's sometimes harder to land a jump. Maybe some highlights on the wheels would be sufficient.

Dear gods, please let us tinker with the gameplay settings like we can in online (private) multiplayer. Lower gravity, reverse controls, boost for stunts, invisible bikes... All would be brilliant additions to this mode when people are playing for a good laugh.

If online, add tracks direct from Track Central rather than having to go online earlier and add them to favourites. Thinking of Track Central, there's a bit of a flaw with its rating system in that I imagine most Supercross and XSC tracks are being rated up or down by people playing them in single-player mode. Good, fun SC and XSC tracks don't necessarily make great single-player tracks. Rate them separately?

Bike options: optionally force everyone to use the same bike selected by whoever's running the event; force everyone to use the same bike selected at random from a list of those capable of finishing the track (with the option to disable some like the Donkey if they're too much for the little ones); force everyone to use a randomly selected bike from such a list, all players maybe getting different ones. Maybe come up with some clever pre-match sequence in which players battle for choice of bike somehow, with handicaps being given to the players with more points, or perhaps the player in last place can pick the bike to be used by the player in first place...

The ability to create a playlist of tracks in advance so that when you come to play you don't have to spend a minute faffing around selecting tracks from unordered lists. Especially if you add tinkered gameplay settings (gravity, power, etc) to a track when you save it to a playlist.

(Edit: OK, that was a few more than a couple of things....:p)

Now, to go back and cut-and-paste relevant sections from my previous MP comments, possibly with some additional thoughts/edits...

If you're in a tight race and you crash between the final checkpoint and the finish-line, you automatically DNF with zero points. This is horribly unfair. It also happens very frequently, especially when someone forgets to turn on bailout finishes.:mad:
So if the checkpoint is still on screen, why not put the bike back there? If not, why not rank players by % of checkpoints reached instead of giving them zero?

Oh and there's one built-in track, Rooftop Runners, where you fall through a vertical finish line and it doesn't always register the player finishing. Very frustrating when you cross the line first but the game gives you a DNF instead.

There seem to be too many occasions where one player goes out in front, usually on a Panda, and has gone several metres at speed past a checkpoint before the other players are reset to that checkpoint at a standstill. You can easily get into a vicious cycle of one player barrelling through multiple checkpoints knocking out all opponents over and again.
How about pushing the camera viewpoint further back so that the leader is closer to the right-hand edge of the screen; that way they would start to be handicapped, requiring greater reliance on their memory of what comes up next in a level.

And for more of my great insights generally, some of which apply to party mode, I'd point you back to my earlier comment on Garage Update #2 (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1681418-Trials-Garage-Update-2-Multiplayer?p=12720250&viewfull=1#post12720250).

06-03-2018, 10:25 PM
Since I play on PC, I pretty much have 0 time invested in Local Trials gameplay.

But more variants of supercross style gameplay could be pretty amazing. Or even a way to "clone" lanes in the editor.

06-18-2018, 02:10 PM
Racing tandems anyone?
When I saw the trailer for Trials Rising I had to laugh. If there had been a longer gap between my post and the reveal I might have cried foul. :p

06-19-2018, 07:37 AM
I remember reading that somewhere, couldn’t find out who did. But they must have put this in before you suggested it right? Or maybe you got them going to try it out quickly! :) I look forward to that more for sure