View Full Version : Thanks Twitch Users For Your Impatience (Sarcasm)

04-26-2018, 09:20 PM
Way to ruin a good thing. Thanks to all the folks who were so impatient to get their Twitch rewards the last time they did Twitch drops, we are no longer getting any "good" rewards. Due to your lack of maturity and impatience, we are getting 3 packs for watching the full 1 hour stream next week. THANKS! It is not Damien's fault in making this decision, since it directly impacted the functionality of the stream. It is all falls on the Twitch watchers who were too immature to wait and see if they got their rewards, or to wait and just make a support case with Ubisoft. Now we only have a "CHANCE"to win 100,000 steel, and that will likely only go to a small number. They stated it would go to more than 1, but I doubt it will be a significant number. So once again, filled with sarcasm, THANKS! You have [I]almost[I] ruined the entire Twitch drop scenario. Now, for watching the entire stream I am only getting 3 crates. I will post on here if I do get the 100,000 steel to eat my words, but I am almost certain I will not. I have never won a drawing contest like this ever. So, THANKS for taking away some easy rewards with your petty, immature, impatience. I'm sure you will state some immatureness in this post, but you all have drove me to it in relieving me of my easy rewards. RANT OVER.

04-26-2018, 10:47 PM
This won't be a drawing contest, they didn't state only 1 person can win the 100k. Pope said that the chance would not roll only once in a 10-minute span, but will instead increase every additional 10 minutes.

And they didn't do this because of the overwhelming amount of players asking for drops - the solution to that is the 24-hour processing wait time, meaning everyone will have to wait that long and not check Twitch every second.