View Full Version : The slepping icon

04-26-2018, 03:25 PM
Hey, I recently change my phone from a Iphone 5S to a Iphone 6S. I made a backup of my old phone and move it to the new one, when I oppend the game all of my music scores, account data and coins where there but my game icon was change to a white slepping ball. When I tried to play the characters imagem in the song, when you select didnt appeared (the music imagens either). I went to play anyways it SPEND my coins, the music started and my phone started a infinite loading for entering the game, when the music end my phone was still trying to enter the game. I already tried to delet the app from my old phone and someone else to be the room owner, it didnt fix the problem. My IOS is updated and the game aswell. I didnt want to just delet my game and download it again and lose all of my scores. There is something else that I can do to fix it? I really didnt want to lose all my progress in game. Btw is just stupid that you cant create an account to save your data.