View Full Version : Conqueror vs. Warlord full block stance and inconsistencies

04-26-2018, 12:16 AM
I want to start by first comparing the pros and cons of the full block stances of both characters.

Conqueror full block stance


-Free Un-blockable Heavy on ANY non-unblockable attack for an execution (20 stam cost)
-Can move while he's in it
-No stamina damage when blocking attacks
-No stamina regeneration delay when getting out of full block stance
-smooth transition in and out
-less obvious


-Slightly higher stamina cost when entering 20
-higher stamina cost for holding only 5

Warlord full block stance


-Headbutt out of full guard on counter only
-Heavy on heavy block, light on light block (in theory)
-Slightly lower cost for entry 17
-slightly lower cost to maintain 4


-5 second delay on stamina regeneration after leaving full block stance
-blocking attacks cost 15 or more stamina, plus the heavy or light followups
-cant move
-stamina damage values when blocking attacks are inconstant which may exhaust you suddenly or unexpectedly
-Heavy follow up when blocking heavy attacks doesn't always work (shamans wild cat swiftness, centurions side heavies, gladiator heavies and many others)
-Light followups don't always work if your opponent has a full guard positioned on the right side
-sticky and difficult to get in and out of


As you you can see from this analysis the full block stance for conqueror completely outmatches the warlord, the risks and rewards for conqueror will always remain consistent and also minimal. Warlords full block carries substantial cost, risk and a great deal on inconsistencies that shouldn't exist at all. If conqueror is allowed a light block to heavy execution with full block, the warlord should at the very least be guaranteed a light for light and a heavy for heavy. Most characters are armed with at least one or more un-blockable attacks to counter full block stance. The benefits and risks of full block stance should be consistent among characters like the warlord and the conqueror. Especially after the recent parry changes, full block should be more viable. Either the conquerors full block stance benefits should be reduced or the warlords full block stance should be made less costly and more consistent. Side note, the shigoki could use a full block stance if he gets a rework, heavies are made for their strong defense. All the inconsistencies I've mentioned can be recreated in the arena mode provided in the most recent patch, by selecting the move and activating block.

04-26-2018, 06:17 AM
I agree, and the Full Block isn't the only thing that Conqueror has that out matches Warlord. Conqueror is like a Warlord 2.0.