View Full Version : New Problems with patch 1.22.1 .. Crazy

04-25-2018, 10:11 AM
Well i've seen many things happen a lot more than before since this patch :

Flickers everywhere ! Getting hit while blocking ... even sometimes i can't activate my gard during 2 seconds .. :confused:
It works in the other sense, sometimes i see clearly my opponent block but my hit go throught..

And the worst is, so much times i kill my opponents, saw the button for my execution choice and then HOP get back 1 sec before and he is alive.. WTF WTF ??!

Problems with GB .. since this patch, sometimes it is impossible to counter GB.. the sound stop when fighting and the timing become weird sometimes (latency i gess) .
Happen often while fighting against Shinobis.

But the worst, i have the impression now that GB feinting is not working anymore if the opponent land the parry .. i mean with Shaman i've tried many times (and there is not need to delete the hit before GB so that's fast) and i get crush by the heavy of my opponent (A CONQ !!) every times...
Another time with Kensei i get hit by the TOP HEAVY OF A RAIDER while GB feinting !! WTF :D

These two moments were the most significants but now i've seen you get hit by the heavy sooo often while GB Feinting .. don't understand this ****

04-26-2018, 08:15 AM
I think this is caused by the lag compensation directly.

every offensive move will be delayed by 33ms(or more due to lag still), while defensive moves won't. When you bait a parry, the opponents heavy will not be delayed, but your follow up guard break will. So your guard break will effectively be too late and you can do absolutely nothing about it. GG Ubisoft.

04-26-2018, 09:09 AM
Well this is the most logic reason yes.. but it would be crazy as it remove the first basic mix up feints ppl used to do in the game :/