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04-24-2018, 09:12 PM
Hey there! I am a very chill Canadian that has always had a knack for competition, I've never been so intrigued as when i first discovered rainbow 6. since operation health i Grinded to be near the best on ps4 and finally reached top 700 Global last season in ranked for Ps4. This season i made it my goal to get a pc and grind until i had gotten near the level that i was on ps4 and now that im used to the controls of PC i've wanted nothing but a competent team that is able to practice and execute strats at the highest level. I can guarantee you that my game knowledge is at the proper level to get to the next level but i am unable to find a team to grow with because i've been stuck with solo quing or using a discord for MM. If you would only give me a chance to prove myself i can tell you that although my gun skill may not be perfect yet, I've improved enough over the course of a month that i know with the proper team that everything will be fine in no time. Not like i'm bad, just give me a shot and im willing to take anything i can as a learning experience even if i am not up to standard!

Age: 20
Current Rank: p3 (pc for 1 month)
Highest Rank: diamond on console almost plat 2 on pc but no one knows basic strats
R6DB Link: https://r6db.com/player/11dbe615-6768-417d-b3f7-b0d4b85c44fa
Preferred Att: ash, twitch, hibanna
Preferred Def: Valk, doc, smoke
KD/WL: 1.3/1.3 but still easily improvable
Previous Experience (Ex-Teams ETC): top 10 team in gamebattles for ps4 (r6db for ps4 acc) https://r6db.com/player/a4a5dab1-7ab0-46c0-95dc-e0ff65422e46

Please message me on discord Sleepy.LFT#4584.

04-24-2018, 10:15 PM
I need a gamer girl to play siege with to make my french and Honduran friend jealous

04-26-2018, 01:22 AM
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