View Full Version : Unable to complete a match in 12 consecutive tries.

04-22-2018, 08:08 PM
As the title states, weíll get qued up, sometimes we all get dropped instantly after the announcement of the round. The more I played the more we were good until the second round and then weíd all drop. This is rediculous man. Itís almost like itís back to the old days of playing 3 hours without being able to complete a single order. Once again I highly doubt we will be given any reparations for wasting our time, not to mention not being able to finish a dance of death, my favorite game mode. It shouldnít be a latency issue either because I started checking and we were all a good latency. Itís just your game kicking everyone it seems.

Honestly itís getting tiring. Every time I start to think maybe this game is going a great direction another issue starts. Itís always one step forward two steps back with this game until they fix the issue 2-3 months later. It then gets my hopes up again as gameplay starts becoming good, balancedish games and stabilized, and then they make rediculous changes to mess with my emotions.

Edit: thatís another 4 on top of the 12. Were at 16. Please fix your ****. Itís unplayable right now.

04-22-2018, 11:52 PM
I cant connect to any match at all with perfect connection. I get booted constantly and idk why.