View Full Version : Hey Ubi..

04-22-2018, 02:14 PM
I know you got your hands full with tweaking the lag comp system, working on a buffer fix, and potentially working on 4v4 death ball stuff. But if you have the time may I suggest looking into something else? GB/attack whiffing. Specifically there are instances that things whiff when they shouldn't.

I've had GB's whiff when i'm in hugging distance. I've been told that this is caused by moving.
I've also had follow ups to attacks miss. Like most frequent for me is the light after warlord's headbutt whiffing. Though i've seen a highlander kick whiff point blank as well. head butt whiffs too.

The current idea on cause seems to be part movement and part terrain (as in anything that's not 100% flat ground.)
So it would be nice if you guys could look into it. Also could we get an update on how you guys feel about animation queing? Specifically guard switching on reflex will make you eat a follow up attack if you were mid switch when you ate a hit. iirc the only time this effects standard guard heros is with glad's toe stab because it's unblockable so it bypasses guards.
Thank you.