View Full Version : Well, the new latency stat proves it.

04-22-2018, 06:34 AM
If you use a fast (assassin) character, and your latency for the match is consistently under 40 ms... congratulations, you just unlocked FOR HONOR: EASY MODE!!

Your enemies will not be able to see your lightning fast light attacks and feints until it's too late, and you'll also have the pleasure of telling all the scrubs to 'git gud' as they fail to block or parry even ONE of your attacks. N00bs! They should just go and practice against bots or something.

I've seen this consistently now with peacekeeper and zerker on console. If someone is using those characters and also has a latency in the low 30's... well, you had better just pucker your little booty up and get ready for what's coming to ya.

Hopefully the lag compensation fixes this at least a little bit. I'm tired of not even being able to react to these insanely fast attacks while online, but when I fight bots I'm able to do what seems like 1000% more than when I am handicapped by latency issues. I'm not asking for perfection, but not even being given a chance to block certain attacks is really sucking the fun out of the game.