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04-21-2018, 04:34 PM
Dear all,
I'm a new Just Dance lover. I just bought Just Dane 2018 on Nintendo Switch. However I found that some of the old songs in Just Dance 2016 like Britney's Circus is no long on 2018 while I was truly sucked in to that choreography and some other old songs.
I'm wondering is it possible that we can dance some old songs on the new version of Just Dance. If it is possible, that would be great!

Jinyin He

04-26-2018, 12:15 PM
Hello there Jinyin He,

The latest versions of JD don't give access to the full catalogue of the previous games. However, we also have Just Dance Unlimited that gives you access to more than 300 songs, which some of them are part of old JD games. :)

I hope this helped a bit!



04-28-2018, 03:00 AM
Both the regular and extreme versions of Circus (and a few hundred other dances) are available if you add the Just Dance Unlimited subscription. Plus, a new song is added every month or two, so there is always fresh new content to dance to.