View Full Version : Ranked duels

04-21-2018, 05:21 AM
What happens if you win one? I ended up getting to the final round up was about to be 2-0 and got booted from the servers(thanks ubisoft).

04-21-2018, 08:59 AM
I have the same problem.
Either I can not find a game or it's almost impossible because you always meet the pros. Or disconnect.
Often, however, I also meet the rep 1 Bot Player. 7 participants. 7x almost the same name and play all the same.

04-21-2018, 11:13 AM
I find games relatively quickly like within 5-10 minutes. This was my best chance today the reps were in the range of like 5-35 me being a 16 so The duels were competitive and i was using Raider(my favorite average hero). During the “playoffs” me and the final guy ended up fighting and after i won the first round(pretty easily) we started the second round and i got way ahead of him in hp when the servers kicked us both out (thanks ubisoft dedicated servers) and me and the other guy were sitting in the menu waiting to fight(with no countdown). After 5-10 mins of waiting he messeged me asking if i was still waiting for something to happen. I said yeah and we decided that we’d quit( he asked if i would quit so he might get the W) so i had too abandon the match because nothing would happen. So of course i got penalized somehow for the **** servers. So i was just curious if you win do you automatically get an ornament or is it random or is there a chance you can get one just by playing? If you get one for winning that is bs and ill be expecting a legendary raider ornament because i should of gotten one today

04-21-2018, 12:17 PM
You have to win, which is still ****ing dumb. "Competition blah blah," STOP, it's a videogame. Should always be a chance to get the ornaments.

I had the same thing happen with the disconnect. Went 2-0 in the final match and then got d/c'ed.