View Full Version : Keep crashing when enter a rank game

04-21-2018, 05:05 AM
when i search for a game of rank then if i do find a game, i got a chance of getting the game to quit out. when i try to load r6 again and try to reconnect but of freeze then game quit. its very hard to play with friends but keep getting this weird glitch or something. please help T^T

04-21-2018, 12:53 PM
Hello MrPand4XD,

Thank you for reporting this to us, I'm sorry to hear this is occurring.

Does this happen only when playing friends or can it happen when queuing solo as well? How often would you say this happens for you?

If you haven't already the first thing we'd advise is verifying the game files via the steps here (https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335). This will check for and replace any corrupted files in your installation.

Thank you

04-30-2018, 07:57 AM
sorry for the late reply.
it happen sometime in solo as well but more in team, last week it was like 2/9 solo rank games that will crash but been a couple days later it was fine. but just happen to me today again.
i will verify and report back if anything happen again

04-30-2018, 03:51 PM
Thanks for that information, let us know if verifying files helps.