View Full Version : Just Dance Dance Floor special tournament

04-20-2018, 03:53 PM
Hello Just Dancers,

The Just Dance World Cup Finals are tomorrow! To celebrate, come to the World Dance Floor at 5pm UTC for a special tournament using the most extreme songs from the Finals song list!

We can wait to see you there. :)


-Your Just Dance Team

04-28-2018, 02:57 AM
Too bad I didn't see this announcement until today. I would have really enjoyed that tournament (but no doubt my eyeballs would have fallen out after seeing some of the other scores).

Thank you for posting the World Cup videos. I really enjoyed watching the competition. There are so many amazing dancers. There is certainly some luck involved in the first session that was solely decided by the console. It shows how an incredible dancer can lose by just a few points and be eliminated. On the second session, I thought the judges did a good job adding the human element to the decisions, and they made some great comments. It must be really difficult to make a decision in some cases. It looked to be very physical, too. Just imagine drawing Footloose and then Sayonara, for example, back to back (on the second session, some equally physical combinations came up like that, and at least one of the dancers didn't seem to have long breaks before and after).