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04-20-2018, 12:40 AM
The Shadow of Egypt is a Modded/Custom Playthrough for AC Origins that aims to create a unique experience, purely via changing highly specific aspects of the game. No Skilling means a player must learn to get maximum value out of Bayek's default abilities, which are enough to clear all of his missions. This makes certain gameplay actions much more impactful and meaningful, and allows for certain playstyles to emerge that were previously impossible. Shadow of Egypt is highly Stealth-focused, though players who appreciate Combat will find twists on mechanics that alter the flow of a fight, or decisively win it entirely. Some tweaks are made to subtly increase game-flow and reduce time spent inside Menus.

The "Hardcore" Variant of this Mod is to have Skilling Disabled. To play the game normally, and unlock Skills over a playthrough, with all the other gameplay changes of The Shadow of Egypt, simply Turn Off the "Limited Skill Progression" Setting, and enjoy! :D

This mod is:

for my personal enjoyment. If others appreciate it, I'm happy.
a work in progress, and will likely be updated and changed

Download from Dropbox (https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2kmjqxxm3di3fp/%5BLeoK%5D%20Shadow%20of%20Egypt%20v0.preset?dl=0)

Preset Text
{"description":"Dataloss Detected. Simulation Unstable. Re-Synchronize memories in accordance with updated parameters.","options":{"AdrenalineAbilityEnabled":"true","AdrenalineGaugeMultiplier":"25","AllWorldMapIconsRevealed":"false","AnimalLevelScale":"0","AssassinAnimalDefensiveRelations":"0","AssassinAnimalPredatorsRelations":"0","AssassinBanditsRelations":"0","AssassinPtolemaicRelations":"0","AssassinRebelsRelations":"0","AssassinRomansRelations":"0","AssassinationEnabled":"true","BallistaDamageFactor":"100","BallistaInfiniteAmmoEnabled":"false","BanditsLevelScale":"0","BoatCollisionDamageMultiplier":"100","CanAcquireAllSkills":"false","CivilianAndCatsDesynchRuleDisabled":"true","ConflictRangeMultiplier":"100","DamageFactorWhenUsingVehicles":"100","DamageInSandstorm":"0","DayNightTime":"0","DayPeriodTimeModifier":"100","DeadlyAssassinationEnabled":"true","DevastatingAttackDamageFactor":"400","FireDamageFactor":"100","InvestigationRangeMultiplier":"100","MaxAmountOfTamedAnimals":"1","MaxPurchasableSkillsNumber":"0","MaxPurchasableSkillsNumberEnabled":"true","NPCAttackActionDurationMultiplier":"100","NPCHealthFactor":"100","NPCHitboxScaleFactor":"100","NPCHurtboxScaleFactor":"100","NPCMeleeDamageFactor":"100","NPCMovementSpeedMultiplier":"95","NPCRangedDamageFactor":"100","OverheatValueAdditionMultiplier":"100","PerpetualAdrenalineEnabled":"false","PlayableCharacterIndex":"20","PlayerArrowIntactChance":"5","PlayerAssassinationDamageFactor":"100","PlayerBowQuiverSizeInfinite":"false","PlayerBowQuiverSizeMultiplier":"100","PlayerExperienceGainingMultiplier":"100","PlayerHealthFactor":"100","PlayerHitboxScaleFactor":"100","PlayerMaxLevel":"40","PlayerMaxLevelEnabled":"false","PlayerMeleeDamageFactor":"100","PlayerMovementSpeedMultiplier":"100","PlayerRangedDamageFactor":"100","PlayerRegenerationDelayMultiplier":"100","PlayerToolPouchSizeInfinite":"false","PlayerToolPouchSizeMultiplier":"100","PlayerUnderwaterBreathConsumptionMultiplier":"100","PlayerUnderwaterSpeedMultiplier":"100","PostProcessFilterEnabled":"false","PostProcessFilterSettings":"3","ProbabilityOfLootModifier":"0","PtolemaicBanditsRelations":"0","PtolemaicLevelScale":"0","PtolemaicRebelsRelations":"0","PtolemaicRomansRelations":"0","RebelsBanditsRelations":"0","RebelsLevelScale":"0","RomanLevelScale":"0","RomansBanditsRelations":"0","RomansRebelsRelations":"0","SandstormCooldownFactor":"100","SandstormSpeedFactor":"100","StressLevelDecrementationSpeedModifier":"100","VehiclesHealthFactor":"100","WorldMapEnabled":"true","WorldMapUnfogged":"false","presetID":"Custom"}}

Kill on Assassination / Takedown

Hidden Blade / Takedown is always guaranteed on an Unaware enemy.
No Leveling is required to clear Locations and Memories without Forced Combat, as Stealth Takedowns bypass enemy levels and statistics. An Assassin can strike at areas beyond their capabilities by staying unseen.
Leveling Up is still possible, and helpful. No rogue is perfect, and detection will occur sometimes.
Boss Fights remain intimidating.

Skilling / Abilities

0 Skills Unlockable [Start and End with Call Mount, Eagle Tagging, Overpower Attack]
Masterful use of Bayek's Default Abilities is critical. He is a capable Medjay -- even without his Abilities.
Not needing to open Ability Screen slightly improves game-flow.

Adrenaline and Overpower

25% Adrenaline Build Speed, 400% Overpower Attack Damage
Building meter is difficult, and slow.
If a player survives inside of a fight long enough to Fill Adrenaline, they can Combat-Assassinate almost any enemy at will.
This converts Overpower Attack into a "True Ultimate" / "Combat Assassinate."
Every weapon naturally has a different "Ult" as a result of this hack, but all are devastating.

Escaping from Combat

95% Enemy Movement Speed. 100% Enemy Movement Speed makes escaping from combat a protracted, drawn-out process in AC Origins. With guards having slightly less Movement Speed, fleeing from combat becomes a genuine option. This is useful when engaging into areas higher than your level, as you are now more likely to escape from a bad engagement. Improves game-flow surrounding stealth-oriented play / decisions.

Retrieving Arrows

Arrow Recovery Chance: Always
Going to Blacksmiths with high frequency becomes much less crucial as the only ammo you have can always be taken off of enemies or their Arrow Racks. Significantly improves game-flow.

Chests and Gearing

0% Loot Probability
Weapons and Gear will never drop for a player from killed enemies.
Chests in Restricted Areas and Shops are the only standard ways for players to acquire Gear, making these avenues of gearing extremely meaningful.
Prevents players from constantly rooting around inside their menus due to gear picked up from dead enemies in the middle of gameplay. Improves game-flow.

Leo K
Twitter (http://twitter.com/SparkedSynapse)
YouTube (http://youtube.com/LeoKRogue)
Reddit (http://reddit.com/u/SparkedSynapse)

If you enjoy playing with this preset or with others, please consider Tweeting @Ubisoft and @assassinscreed and letting them know we as a community would appreciate if console players received some form of the Animus Control Panel. While a full replication is impossible on console hardware, and the strict certification process from Sony and Microsoft, some aspects are likely possible -- and those would be welcome.

Thank you.

04-20-2018, 07:50 PM
Thanks for the mod, mentor! Although I'm not able to use it anytime soon, if I ever have the chance to play AC Origins on a PC anytime soon, I'll be sure to give it a try :D

05-01-2018, 10:45 PM
A fabulous piece of work, and highly recommended for anyone who loves pure stealth gameplay.

05-01-2018, 10:57 PM
Thanks for sharing this! :)

05-01-2018, 11:00 PM
You're most welcome, Widow! :D I hope you guys try it out on your end, and enjoy it as much as the folks on the subreddit have. :D