View Full Version : Suggestion for added Lock On control type

04-18-2018, 10:54 PM
I have already been experimenting with new control styles using the build in PS4 controller mapping. I always felt it was somewhat cumbersome to always hold L2 to be locked on, and noticed that you could make it toggle instead. The main problem with this is that now to change targets, you must double tap your lock on button which is more cumbersome than holding down the button.

Now I mapped my R3 to be my lock on when I use toggle, so double tapping it is a bit awkward. Now my idea for a 3rd lock on type would be this:

When not locked on, lock on button will toggle a lock on.

When locked on, lock on button will switch targets with one press.

When you want to stopped being locked on, the run button will be how you get out of lock on. The option is already there in control settings and is already the easiest way to exit lock on (normally you want to stop locking on and run in most cases, so this is how I already turn off lock on) The double tap is completely unessisary.

This would be an easy addition as it would allow for control styles that don't need to hold a button down all the time. Removing the double tap would make the toggle just as good as the hold for lock on (right now hold is much better for switch targets)

This would be very useful once people start experimenting with controls styles with the custom mapping patch coming this week.

04-21-2018, 03:47 AM
Huh, the reset camera button switches targets when locked on with toggle lock on. I suppose that works good enough, that makes it easy to make a control style that allows you thumbs to never leave the analog sticks as long as you have lock on mode toggled.