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04-18-2018, 06:28 PM
The nerf of the Heidi and rats swarm was a good thing, really happy of this ! (even if the nerf of Heidi could have been bigger)

I think the next step to balance the game is to nerf several card that are too strong and too used, (if everybody use the same card thatís a proof there is a problem, like rats swarm)

- Enforcer Jimmy, even if itís a rare he is too strong for a cost of 2, the range of is power is too high (nearly half of the field) so he can stop a lot of strategy only for 2 energy

- Alien Clyde, for a common card his poison is too strong, it kill a card for free if itís not a tank, for example you just have to play him has first card and the first card of the opponent will die without doing nothing, so itís like you start with 10 energy while the opponent start with 7.
Compare to other Clyde that unfair, the other Clyde are cost 4 or rare or epic and sometimes less powerful, itís too late too make it a rare but his poison can be nerf.

That the 2 priority for me , maybe we can take a look at big gay Al also ?

Thanks for reading.

04-21-2018, 10:51 PM
the administrators will never read your post. They love sci fi.
Posion and red alien need a severe nerf.
stan fantasy tematic too
Sincerely i am starting hate this game

04-23-2018, 07:27 PM
I'm reading! :D

We absolutely read these posts. It's great to know what our players think about our game, and feedback about balance is especially useful to hear.

Thank you both for bringing up cards you feel need a second look.

04-26-2018, 09:09 PM
Sci Fi is the absolute meta right now. I've given up hope that they would adequately balance (nerf) it.

Poison alone is just ridiculous. Spanning half of the board, cost of 3. It kills off almost any ranged unit, which makes them useless cards, which is a shame. It will always hit at least 2 cards, usually more. It's always a massively positive energytrade. It kills the game in so many ways.
It's so stupidly cheap, that they can even waste it to counter rats or pigeons (for an even or +1 energytrade). And given the usual trades, that would even be a waste of the card.
Keeping such an overpowered card and not fixing it has made me lose my faith in the developers.
It doesn't only kill so many cards in the game, but also most strategies except to go and rush with fast assassins. That's just boring.

Fair would be 4 cost and fireballs range.

And thats just poison. Don't get me going on Alien Clyde, Robo Bebe (just wait until she becomes broadly available). Enforcer Jimmy (2 cost Power Bind + good fighter), Mecha Timmy, Astronaut Butters Deathwish wreaking havoc. The theme is just broken.

And the only other good legendary Stan of Many Moons? Guess which theme has the best counters to it? Sci Fi. Enforcer Jimmy to stop the charge. Or mind control to take him over just before his charge is done and wreck the opponents units..

So, don't wait for the developers to fix this theme. Who knows when or of it will happen. Just play it yourself. It's already the most played theme and many are still in the process of switching, since it takes some time to level the cards. Most of the Redlynx Team does play SciFi, so it's a safe bet.

04-27-2018, 10:49 AM
Thanks for reading Ubi-Toller, good to know somebody is around !

And thanks got.pwned , we share the same feeling and you explain that pretty well, itís pleasant to have constructive posts.

05-02-2018, 04:22 PM
How I feel about some cards mentioned in this thread:

Starting with Big Gay Al, his attack range and attack speed need to be toned down a little. Since he has a very long range he can attack from the half court line making it very easy to counter play at removing him, which will happen because of how quickly he can burn through a bar of hp. Pretty much double punishing anyone without the ability to instantly remove him. Also if he is played in just in the right spot in the corners he will not get by the shockwave when a bar gets destroyed.

Poison, funny enough I was thinking about swapping out my energy staff for poison and feeling stupid for not doing so sooner. Because it that much better I don't know who said that there shouldn't be such a thing as a free card, but poision is exactly just that it will kill any just about all attackers and ranged if managing to land it more than two you've just paid yourself at least one energy. Comparing that to energy staff I'm investing 4 energy to get back only one. That said the I have had more success in using the staff to control momentum, but is too easily punished best counters are to destroy it immediately with a thunderbolt or similar, or wait do nothing if you aren't already pressing the advantage.

No point in saying what has already been said about enforcer Jimmy of than fixing bind being persistent as long as he lives even if the binded unit has moved out of range.

Alien Clyde is fine, if he isn't there's no way DKC, and HHC(barring the fact that it can sometimes be a dud) are balanced because they deal about the same amount of damage and you can't purge those.

05-11-2018, 10:47 AM
I have figured something this week , didnít the range of mind control too large ?
You can control only one card so why have a large area like that,m.
The point is that with that area player can control a unit in the field of the opponent !

So if you do an attack with a long range unit and the opponent put a unit to counter, even if he put his unit on his side of the field you can mind control it and get a free phone destroyed.

Thanks for reading

05-23-2018, 04:27 AM
I'm reading! :D

We absolutely read these posts. It's great to know what our players think about our game, and feedback about balance is especially useful to hear.

Thank you both for bringing up cards you feel need a second look.

Good, I hope you don't listen to these really bad players in this topic. Alien Clyde? Poison being the only viable option to take out archers? Enforcer Slowmo? Big Gay Al? Give me a break. These players just suck.

Mecha Timmy is the only card that needs to be nerfed. His range needs to reduced so he fricken moves, and his charged attack ranged should not be unlimited. It should have Angel Wendy type range. He shouldn't be able to mind control someone right next to your new kid from behind his own new kid. Oh, Rogue Token's kick range is also too fricken big. He cover's the entire circumference from the half way line to the new kid tower, meaning any push gets obliterated no matter which direction all your troops come from, essentially making it impossible to win.

05-27-2018, 03:04 AM
Hello Darthch3f,

First thing, do you really think that insulting other players will make you more legitimate ? I don’t think so, It just proves the opposit.

Then let’s analyse what you said,

ę Poison being the only viable option to take out archers Ľ
Lol, with this I can imagine that you never play something else that sci-fi, but we can go with it and compare to other themes.
Which magik like poison does have the other themes to take out archer ?
Mystic : none
Fantasy : **** magic ( cost 5, epic) and transmogrify (cost 5,epic)
Adventure : arrow storm (cost 4, epic) fireball (cost 5, rare) even lightning bolt but it hit just one unit (cost 4,rare)

So we can see that if we go your way and compare, poison is the only card that is common and cost only 3 that can take out archer, so yes thank you for notice and prove that poison need to be nerf !

For the part on Timmy I am agree with you, you have a good idea, reduce he’s range can be a good balance.

ę Meaning any push gets obliterated no matter which direction all your troops come from, essentially making it impossible to win Ľ about rogue Token

Thank you for making me laugh, if it impossible to you to win just because of that maybe you have to train for a while.
But if we have to take a look on rogue Token, because many think he deserve a nerf, you have to understand that he is an epic card with a cost of 4 so he has to be powerful, there is only 2 others same characters, it is Marcus and cyborg Kenny, so he have to be has helpful has them.

I think in fantasy the one to nerf is princess Kenny, her power should last 7sec and not 10

Thanks for reading

05-27-2018, 01:22 PM
I think both of you don't really understand what the meta really is.
Let me clarify, I play adventure scifi.

Fantasy + mystic, fantasy + adventure. That is the meta.
And sometimes but less scifi + fantasy or scifi adventure.
Least is probably scifi mystic.

The problem with poison is not the cost or the taking out archers part... it is the damage at higher levels : 5 and 6 wich is so big they often also take out fighters.

I personally have my poison only at level 4, I use it to combat pigeon spam and rat spam and overplaying of units.
That is what the card should be used for.

Mecha timmy is not only overpowered statwise but also skillwise. I have been asking for a nerf on him for ages.
Your succes in the game should not depend on how many mecha timmies you can get.

Stan of many moons however is not that dangerous of a card to play around and is easily a lot worse than poseidon or stan the great.

Enforcer jimmy is a rare so he costs a ton to upgrade.
His stats might be really good but his hitrate is what makes him deal less damage. If you watch closely you will see that enforcer has a lil bit of spawnlag and a slower attack speed than heidi.
Also his charge does not stop your units from doing their special, only stops the charge.
By the time stan the great is halfway stan the great will already be charged, enforcer jimmy will therefor be useless because he can still use his charge. Or if you spawn him to quickly he will be taken out... It's not that easy... If you spawn him when he is near halfline he is already charged. Same for stan of many moons.

The problem with alian clyde is that he has a very slow start so he will be really bad to defend with against rushes. His special also does not work when the enemy is closer or has shaman token. Imagine someone is sending starvin marvin.... You wish you had hookhand in that situation trust me. He is going to take a bar. Alian is only really usefull when a unit is veeery far away and you have him in your hand. Or to take out really slow annoying units like mecha timmy or stan of many moon.
At the same time he is directly countered by rats making his special often useless.

Also,I advice you to play fantasy adventure because top 1000 legend is full of it.
Why is this theme meta?

- 3 best assassins in the game
- rogue token kills all of your pushes of completely
- stan the great is by far the best stan and is pretty hard to counter with a cost of 3 energy and a skill that makes the entire board useless.
-Poison does not matter, spam princess kenny paladin with smugler ike.
- ability to add fireball and thunderbolt

That comment about poison being the only viable... no...
I use Aqr for mystic zen cartman archer spam.
Where he does have a point is that high level poison has to much damage and can kill of high level archers like mecha and pirate timmy or catapult;.. and so on.
However i don't do that, my poison is level 4 for pigeon and rat spam.

The different themes have different ways to deal with archers.
For example mystic has purify to shut down any attempt to poison archers or units.
Many themes use shaman token nowadays. (mainly for stan the great, less for poison)
Keep in mind purify only cost 2 and poison cost 3.
All this bs about mystic being weak is a bunch of baloni. Mystic just has less cards to play with and is boring that's why people do not play it.

I advice you to test out the meta deck, fantasy adventure.

06-26-2018, 05:27 AM
No one should complain about ANY Clyde. They all do the same thing for each theme!

Hook Hand can remove an opposing unit from across the board immediately.
Alien can remove an opposing unit from across the board gradually.
Hercules can remove some units but if they survive, they can't use their charge, but Clyde can advance to the tower quickly.
and Dwarf King can remove a unit really fast and advance across to the tower quickly so he costs 4.

So why complain?! Every fricken theme you have the same opportunity to use this magical effect. It's not like one theme has this exclusive power to remove a unit fast with Clyde. And Alien Clyde is actually the slowest to remove a unit, which gives ample opportunity to counter him by throwing out a swarm unit, or zapping him before he gets off his war cry, or using purify after his effect. And it makes him an awful defender in a pinch. So if anything he has the worst war cry of all the Clydes.