View Full Version : Dominion Rework or new Gamemode idea

04-17-2018, 05:40 PM
Well, this just hit my mind, but why Dominion couldn't be same as objectives based mode in Battlefront 2?
No capture and recapture zones, but real objectives like ram and other siege weapons. While attackers team need to load them and fire, defenders team must not allow this. If attackers have 3+ siege weapons loaded and fired, so frontline move closer to defenders spawn zone.
And to compleate destroy any sense of gunking, just give both teams number of soldiers. Like, 100 units for attackers and 150 units for defenders, so every spawn for hero means -1 unit. And if any of the team lost all units, they lost the game. And while defenders have more units it's just loose strategy for attackers try to fight defenders and don't try objectives.

What do you think?