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04-17-2018, 02:50 AM
Ok now hear me out here an Aztec warrior that uses a Macuahuitl think about it he can be a hybrid,assassin, or a heavy.his combos would be heavy light heavy, light heavy,heavy light light,light heavy heavy, and heavy heavy. He has attacks that can cause bleed but only after a combo, he can cancel any heavy into a paddle smack or a maim which both are unblockable but maim causes a bleed effect.He can cancel his paddle smack into a maim as well. he can do an unblockable that can only be dogged like gladiator but he has to push the right joystick back and press X, he can cancel it in to a paddle smack,light,heavy or just cancel it all together.his second attack in all chains can be hyperamrour but only the second ones or maybe only top heavyís.his zone attack he can do a 360 paddle smack that stuns enemyís.His feats can consist of bounty hunter,iron lungs,and fast recovery. For the second row he can have fear itself,Macuahuitl throw wich deal medium damage,revenge attacks, for the third level he can have one called blood sacrifice where if he kills someone near someone who needs to be revived they get revived instantly,sharpen blade,second wind. Finally for the row he can have Spear rain,curse where the next person to kill him gains a speed and defense debuff, and Priest sacrifice where raises Attack,speed and defense while giving him a small shield that can be stacked in tribute.

04-17-2018, 04:06 AM
Címon someone say something

04-17-2018, 12:40 PM
Iím not gonna stop until someone takes a look

04-18-2018, 12:03 AM
Revived from the dead this post shall not die

04-18-2018, 12:54 AM
No comments probably due to the fact everyone is sad about probanly not getting heroes this year, not confirmed, just looking likely...

Anyway, id love a mayan or aztec fighter tbf, just not sure how they would fit in to for honor and what faction ect

04-18-2018, 09:05 AM
A merc faction called 'the ancients' think like Spartans, Egyptians and Aztec. But hell yeah Aztec!!!