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04-17-2018, 12:03 AM
As an old fan of Beyond Good and Evil, it brings tears on my eyes to see that a good pre-sequel is finally coming.....and to hear the team wants to hear the community's opinion it makes more than happy to share my ideas for the development of the game.
Here is the list; enjoy!

-Be smart, be gung ho!: The life of a pirate is a dangerous one, but sometimes a situation can't be solved by a bullet; many famous pirates were not just ferocious on battle, but also very cunning man and surely know how to leave an impression on their enemies.
If you want to avoid a battle or to fool a dealer with a trick, you should be able to be like Knox (a character that I like) and get away with your reward with smile on your face.
On the character sheet, I want to see the chance to customize the personality of our characters, giving them some special skills like Smart-***, Kick-***, Charm, Pick-pocketing, Thief, Hunter and Tactician, not to mention that human-hybrids may have their own natural skills and depending on their gender. (Hybrids Apes males should be Smart-*** and female Hybrids Tigers should be masters of Charm and Pick-Pocketing).

-Don't be alone!: if you want to play offline and you want to make every crewmember of your ship unique, it could be a crime to don't have your right-hand man; honestly I enjoyed the team of Knox and Shani and I would love to see the same possibility on the game (like it happened on the first game after all) and sometimes the abilities of your ally can save your skin.

-The Bounty System: Sometimes even the police can't hold you back, but the cops are not the only problem that you will find on System-3; depending on the situation, the crime bosses and the megacorporations of the planet will place a bounty on your head and some bounty hunters might come after you anywhere anytime, on both land and space, thinking to take a easy prey.
Though it may sound a bad thing, the bounty can be used as a reputation system: the much higher the bounty, the more higher the chance to your name to leave a mark on the community of the game and, to make every bounty unique, the game should give us the chance to modify the profile picture of the bounty adding our personal touch......who wants to have their poster all over town with a smile on their face or a badass one like in One Piece?

-A normal day on Mos Eisley: when you want to relax and enjoy the best part of a pirate's life then the first bar you find is the best place where you can be; not only home to any kind of criminals and people, it also the place where you can make money......at your own risk. Here you can make a small fortune but sometimes many short-tempered people won't just stand idle while you empty your pockets so be always ready for a bar brawl or a fight outside.

-Romance: Do I need to say more about this? It's obvious that already we loved some of the characters of the E3 trailer and I'm sure that there will be more to come......and some of them will surely conquer our heart.....and considering that we will have to make our bonds with the crew strong, it would be a shame for this option not available in the game.

-Home Base, come in!: Your Mothership is your mobile home, but it's inevitable that it can be damaged after an intense battle......and that's where the Home Base come in; built on a asteroid, this base is more like a place where you can repair your ship quitely, weapons, crafting and resources.

-Switch: the Nintendo Switch has been proved to be a console capable of holding big games with huge maps and contents, including FPS games, with the little sacrifice in terms of graphics; man, I would love to see such a promising game come to the console.

-The Rebel Heart, Ioannes Blake (the eventual background of my character on the game)
''A young man with a heart full of sorrow and pain who seeks to travel across the stars and eliminate the corruption of society.
Born on board of a space ship on the System-4, Ioannes is the son of an influential man, who fought for the liberty and the rights of the hybrid races, and a travelling merchant; following the ideals of his father and the curiousity of his mother, the boy started of being amazed of what the galaxy has to offer but soon he learned the harsh reality around him.
When the Blake family reached System-4 to fight their campaign against the tyranny of mankind over the hybrid races, the megacorporations that rule over the system silenced Ioannes's parents, leaving him alone on the harsh streets and dark alleys of Ganesha City.
Hardened by his hard life spent on the lower parts of the city, seeking revenge against the tyrants who took away his family but still holding the ideals of his father, Ioannes Blake plans to escape from the planet and form his crew for the imminent battle for the freedom of the hybrid races......in his own newfound way.....piracy.''

I hope you are watching this, team of Beyond Good and Evil 2 because I hope that my suggestions might come to the final version of the game.......and feel free to leave a comment! :)

04-17-2018, 09:15 PM
Hey, GuardianJohnITA! Welcome to the forums, and thank you for taking the time to share all of these ideas. Very interesting ones, for sure! I also like your character background.

Please, feel welcome to continue to share and discuss here on the forums and on bgegame.com (https://bgegame.com/). Welcome to the Space Monkeys!

04-18-2018, 12:08 PM
My take on this:

I doubt it will go hardcore RPG like Skyrim or Fallout seeing the listing of skills.

I do not think romance suits a BGE setting.
Maybe in some linear fashion but to be honest I do not care. I do care about having *****y answer options for dialogs^^

About the Switch. The game shall get to all possible plattforms. If it will get a thing on NintendoSwitch we will very likely get to know that.
I think there is a bit more to it then tuning the textures down tho.
Third Party support today comes with the cost of using a engine that functions on the Switch. In this case we would need to port the Voyager Engine itself and we do not have any insight of how the engine does work/interact. So hold your horses and Doom used the Vulkan API to begin with.
BotW is indeed a huge game, but the missing performance is covered up by overusing shading and 30FPS is really hard.

I do however not doubt BGE2 on Switch is impossible but I do believe that it will probably come with a way to huge downside as it is supposed to get a more realistic touch than BGE1.

And all this plays in with Ubisoft working already with Nintendo on other games.

04-18-2018, 05:31 PM
If Nintendo add a lot of power probably could work on Switch 2.0.