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04-16-2018, 07:54 PM
Dear Dev Teams,

I would like to suggest a few parts from older titles that seems to have been dropped but in my opinion added more depth and/or fun to the games. I must say I enjoyed Origins as it had a brilliant story and beautiful artwork however I was not a fan of the actual gameplay which for a gamer is arguably the most important part.

1) Combat - The combat of AC Origins was fun during the main gameplay as it added more challenge to the game however for me detracted from the replay ability of the game as I was sometimes just wanting to have some fun getting into a huge fight with more than a snowball in hells chance of survival.

2) Open climbing - The climb anything philosophy may appeal to some however personally I found that I enjoyed the puzzles of having to find a climbing path when reaching viewpoints or simply running missions.

3) Open world endgame - I miss the district takeover like from AC2 series and Syndicate, I would love to see these come back with a challenge twist eg. have to fully clear a base of all enemies without being detected with specific kill types for the commander of the fort/base.

4) Base Building - I would love to see going forward a return to the build/improvement of a base similar to Monteriggioni and the homestead, infact I think the dumbing down of this system was the only downside to AC4 for me (with the exception of never actual being part of the assassin order for the entire game :P). I think this should be amped up to a more complex level in future AC titles for more game immersion.

Other than these points I am a huge fan of not only the AC series but most ubisoft games I have played...keep up the great work and please don't fall down the micro-transaction rabbit hole that is Rockstar.

An admiring fan,
Ink Fanatic