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04-16-2018, 07:00 PM
(Excuse the Cancerous trend please)

So I was talking with a friend and we started talking about Battle Royale games and how so many new ones are being created when i had an idea, a For Honor Battle Royale.

Basically, 50 players (100 in squads mode) get dropped off on a large island, they start with three bars of health and no weapon (punches deal zero damage but slightly drain stamina).

Then, they run to obtain three kinds of loot, feats (which work the same way they do in the campaign), armor (which increases their health, up to an armor level of four which is 7 health), and weapons (the weapon you find decides what class’s skillset you use, and can be swapped out if you find a new weapon, so for example, picking up a shortsword gives you the Centurion skillset).

As the combat zone closes in, packs of wolves (the same npcs that Gudmundr summons) will prowl the area outside the zone, attacking players who arent within the game’s boundaries.

This gamemode gives very good rewards but no war assets, possible rewards are outfits, auras, gear, ornaments, and color schemes.

There is single mode, with 50 combatants, double mode, also with fifty, and squads, with 100 fighters.

04-18-2018, 02:55 PM
BRs have definitely blown up over the past year and I expect to see quite a few of them in many games. I don't know that we'll ever be able to make that happen in a FH type game, but it's a cool concept and interesting take on the game.