View Full Version : Looking for the best members around

04-15-2018, 06:46 PM
Hello all. This is timmys9inchjimmy here currently with the clan known as we're s0rry. We have become a very strong clan within a short period of time since our inception. 1/3 of our members have made it to legendary with our donations and structure on how donations are requested via discord. Discord is our main channel for communication where we can communicate about the game to make for a much better playing experience. We ask that you either be part of discord already or join as soon as you are added to the team. We already finish teams events with the players we have but obviously contribution is key as we have events with specific cards that some players may not be able to use. Donotation minimum is 125 as we understand people have lives and through discord we can mark if you will not be available for a certain event so you don't get kicked. As stated communication is key. Thanks for taking the time to read this and he hope to y'alls invitation soon!

Link to join us on discord