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04-15-2018, 12:32 PM
I still believe season 6 will bring us a new customizations items (not ornaments and recolors, I mean), but this faith slowly vanishing.

But to be correct of me (and I believe most part of community) thoughts about HOW customization in For Honor should change, I found this video of upcoming medieval game:

I don't know if devs look at direct rivals of their game, but this one deffenetly could send For Honor to the oblivion. So untile it's happen please do something with you customization and start add new parts to it.
And while I understand why every single part cost steel to be visual upgrade, it's stupid to always ask us pay steel again and again. I chage my Warden sword every week, so why I can't just made visuals permanent? Let it be cost 2000 steel to make peace visual part while destroing it as gear. This could first step to smart and player friendly customization system.