View Full Version : This is my idea of the ANNO 1800 it was in 2012.

04-13-2018, 07:54 PM

Thus I presented the idea of ANNO 1800 for the series producer Christopher Schmitz back in 2012.

I hope that you'll listen to some of my ideas. Thanks for your job and for my favorite series of games

I believe that I have a unique and truly brilliant idea, which is a logical continuation of a series of games ANNO - ANNO 1800 (19th century). This idea is good, above all, that the theme of the 19th century has not created any urban planning strategy, and because of opportunities for such a game would be a lot! 19th century - is the most rapid flowering of industry and technology, the time when new types of weapons (magazine rifles, machine guns), in this period began the first ever truly global wars (Napoleonic Wars), and the era of the great colonial conquest, that would look great in the overall concept of the game (if ANNO 1404 Europe is moving to the East, in ANNO 1800 its motion can result also in Africa, Australia, Oceania, and South America). That is, the events of the game can develop anywhere on the planet Earth on the European scenario, but with some local flavor. In the 19th century, we can see the emergence of the first multinational industrial korpratsy. In ANNO 1800 it can be transformed into a huge industrial chain various postrek, where you can assign a manager - a list of well-known manufacturers of the time, giving each of them certain qualities, which somehow affect the activity of a network of enterprises (new feature in the game). 19th century as a watershed in the shipbuilding industry because, as we know, when there were ships, metal ships and submarines (and torpedoes to them), but much more interesting to other inventions of the 19th century such as the steam engine, the car, the airship and veloseped! New materials: Bessemer steel, rubber, petroleum, plastic (celluloid), dynamite, aluminum, oil production on an industrial scale. During this time, seriously apparent stratification of society into social classes: the bourgeoisie - the most wealthy and privileged stratum of society, living in accordance with the law of the market economy (capitalism), the nobles came in second place on burgers (prolitariat) and finally the peasants, who for 19th century lived in the still semi-feudal order. There have been a lot of inventions to meet the needs of various segments of society such as radio, telephone, telegraph, cinema, fotoaparat, gramophone, adding machine, canned food! The revolutionary period of the struggle for the rights and freedom of speech. In conclusion, I would be happy consider this idea and the final implementation, agree coined not bad!!!!