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Whether you are a newer player to The Division or thinking about coming back for more, now is a great time to jump back into the world of Manhattan. This tutorial serves as a guideline for the many activities available for newly enlisted Agents as well as returning veterans.

New Agents

After leaving the chopper, players see Manhattan’s run-down state first-hand. Supplies are running low, enemy factions have overtaken the city, and hope is spread thin. As an honorary Division Agent, it is now your responsibility to push the enemy factions back as the last beacon of hope the city has.

Your first task is to re-establish the home Base of Operations (BOO) after speaking with your primary contact—Faye Lau. Questing in The Division offers players the opportunity to explore the city of Manhattan completely solo or through 4-player co-op. Jump into a solo session and navigate the streets to provide aid to civilians and assist JTF convoys in the field. Recover audio logs and Missing Agent transmissions that tell the story of First-Wave Division Agents. Travel between safe houses to secure vantage points across the city and upgrade your arsenal of weapons, gear, and modifications.

If you are looking for more firepower, invite some of your friends to tackle Campaign missions! Agents will face off against hostile figureheads like Colonel Bliss, Larae Barrett, and Rioter Hutch to shatter faction morale and stabilize choke-points throughout Manhattan. Along the way, Agents will forge friendships with key figures like Captain Benitez, Dr. Jessica Kandel, Paul Rhodes, and the notorious Sgt. Ramos. These familiar faces will act as every Agent’s support network, so be sure to heed their advice!

These are just some of the many opportunities available when stepping foot in The Division for the first time!

Returning Agents

Welcome back, Agent! If you are coming back to the game or just hit level 30, we want to answer the most common question for The Division’s end-game—“How do I get gear?” Remember that you, the player, always have the option of choosing your end-game activities. Players will always be rewarded for playing their way.

As a starting guideline, we recommend progressing through the World Tiers until reaching World Tier 5. This means completing missions, eliminating High Value Targets, and defeating Dark Zone bosses to increase overall Gear Score. WT5 is unlocked at GS 256+, and Agents will be fighting the most challenging enemies for the greatest rewards in this bracket.

Assignments are a series of challenges unlocked at level 30 that are accessible on the map. The following can be completed once a week, per character for a total of three Exotic Caches. Please note that players need access to the DLC in order to complete the Underground/Survival Weekly Assignments.

Weekly Assignment
Underground Assignment
Survival Assignment

In addition, one Exotic Cache is granted per character for the successful completion of each of the following missions, per week:

Legendary Time Square Power Relay
Legendary WarrenGate Power Plant
Legendary Napalm Production Site
Falcon Lost Incursion (Heroic)
Clear Sky Incursion (Heroic)
Dragon’s Nest Incursion (Heroic)
Stolen Signal Incursion (Heroic)

One of the newest exotic SMGs–The House—was reviewed by community member Lt. BuzzLitebeer (https://twitter.com/LtBuzzLitebeer). Check out what he had to say!


As players grow their Exotic collection, a number of gear-sets will drop along the way. These 4-piece gear-sets bring tailored bonuses to the table that cater to various playstyles for Division Agents. D3-FNC, for example, gives players bonuses for using the Ballistic shield on the front line while Reclaimer designates players as the dedicated healer with an enhanced Support Station. Path of the Nomad is the solo player’s dream with increased survivability while Striker’s Battlegear fits a DPS role with increased stacks of damage. Even more gear-sets are available to fit the way any Agent wants to play.

YouTuber KackisHD (https://twitter.com/RickKackis) provides some gear-set tips for new and returning players!


Finding Classified gear-sets plays a huge role in the end-game. Each standard gear-set has a Classified version, with an additional two-pieces that bring a full set to 6-pieces total. A 6-piece Classified set brings its standard equivalent to the next level by magnifying its power and effectiveness. Keep in mind the following activities have a chance to drop a Classified gear-piece in addition to Exotic weapons/gear:

Open World bosses
Dark Zone bosses
Underground Hunters
Phoenix Credit Cache at the Terminal
Season Pass Supply Drop

For a detailed overview of Classified Gear, ETF member Rxlyat (https://twitter.com/rxlyaT) has all the intel!


Alongside all the PVE content, players always have the option to jump into any of the PVP modes available in The Division. We recommend gearing up and crafting a build before venturing in. While gear-normalization applies here (except the DZ), individual gear will have an impact on the experience.

Last Stand—an 8V8 PVPVE mode in which Agents battle over tactical fortifications with the interference of enemy NPCs.
Skirmish—a dedicated 4V4 PVP mode introduced with Update 1.8 with an emphasis on smaller-scale gunfights.
Dark Zone—a PVEVP zone in which Agents utilize Update 1.8’s voluntary rogue mechanic to flag themselves for PVP. Landmarks and Contamination Events are also available with bosses for farming.

Watch ETF member Widdz (https://twitter.com/widdzTV) earn 18 kills in a close Skirmish game!


We welcome all new and returning players alike to The Division! Head over to the Official Forums (https://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/498-The-Division) and community Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/) for discussions and feedback. Thank you, Agents!

/The Division Dev Team