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04-13-2018, 05:11 PM


The Mark III Encrypted Cache has now arrived! Found at the Premium Vendor in the Terminal, these loot containers include exclusive vanity items that are purely cosmetic. Here is a preview of some of the new appearance items arriving in the upcoming cache!


With Predator’s Mark, Hunter’s Faith, Lone Star, and Final Measure vanity Collections, Agents can continue to match their equipped gear sets with appearance items! We expect other exciting combinations with the new MC Retro Collection as well! Finishing each of these Collections also unlocks an additional item as a piece of an overall bonus 6th Collection—Sentinel.

Opening Encrypted Caches requires Cypher Keys, which can be earned through a few different means. The first is simply by playing The Division. Killing bosses, completing Commendations, and completing Search and Destroy missions all reward Cypher Key Fragments. Ten Fragments are required for one Cypher Key, and one Cypher Key opens one Encrypted Cache. The alternative is through Premium Credits, which can be purchased at the Premium Vendor. Cypher Keys can be purchased in bundles to open Encrypted Caches.

Here is the total list of items coming in the new Mark III Encrypted Cache!

Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Blaze
Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Feuer
Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Fire
Backpack Skin: Parallel - Knapweed
Backpack Skin: Parallel - Iris
Backpack Skin: Parallel - Linnea
Backpack Skin: Parallel - Maple
Backpack Skin: Parallel - Dog Rose
Backpack Skin: Parallel - Lily
Backpack Skin: Parallel - Lignum
Backpack Skin: Parallel - Thistle
Backpack Skin: Stacked - Contrast
Backpack Skin: Stacked - Bloom
Backpack Skin: Stacked - Shine
Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 01
Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 02
Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 03
Backpack Skin: Pigment - Berry
Backpack Skin: Pigment - Pine
Backpack Skin: Pigment - Pumpkin
Backpack Skin: Pigment - Rose
Backpack Skin: Pigment - Spice
Backpack Skin: Rikers - Bounty
Backpack Skin: Rikers - Gunrunners
Backpack Skin: Rikers - Heist
Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Fireball
Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Firebrigade
Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Firecracker
Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Firedrill
Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Flames
Backpack Skin: Cleaners - Napalm
Backpack Skin: Bolt - Blast
Backpack Skin: Bolt - Discharge
Backpack Skin: Bolt - Boom
Backpack Skin: Bolt - Burst
Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 04
Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 05
Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 06
Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 07
Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 08
Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 09
Backpack Skin: LMB - Unit 10
Backpack Skin: Rikers - Benjamins
Backpack Skin: Rikers - Island
Backpack Skin: Rikers - Jailbird
Backpack Skin: Rikers - Riots
Backpack Skin: Rikers - Robbery
Backpack Skin: Rikers - Speed
Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Blaze
Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Feuer
Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Fire
Weapon Skin: Parallel - Knapweed
Weapon Skin: Parallel - Iris
Weapon Skin: Parallel - Linnea
Weapon Skin: Parallel - Maple
Weapon Skin: Parallel - Dog Rose
Weapon Skin: Parallel - Lily
Weapon Skin: Parallel - Lignum
Weapon Skin: Parallel - Thistle
Weapon Skin: Stacked - Contrast
Weapon Skin: Stacked - Bloom
Weapon Skin: Stacked - Shine
Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 01
Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 02
Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 03
Weapon Skin: Pigment - Berry
Weapon Skin: Pigment - Pine
Weapon Skin: Pigment - Pumpkin
Weapon Skin: Pigment - Rose
Weapon Skin: Pigment - Spice
Weapon Skin: Rikers - Bounty
Weapon Skin: Rikers - Gunrunners
Weapon Skin: Rikers - Heist
Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 04
Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 06
Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 07
Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 09
Weapon Skin: Rikers - Jailbird
Weapon Skin: Rikers - Riots
Weapon Skin: Rikers - Robbery
Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Fireball
Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Firedrill
Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Flames
Weapon Skin: Bolt - Blast
Weapon Skin: Bolt - Discharge
Weapon Skin: Bolt - Boom
Weapon Skin: Bolt - Burst
Weapon Skin: Crypto - DZ
Weapon Skin: Crypto - Gold
Weapon Skin: Crypto - Silver
Clothing: MC Retro hat
Clothing: MC Retro jacket
Clothing: MC Retro pants
Clothing: MC Retro scarf
Clothing: MC Retro shirt
Clothing: MC Retro shoes
Clothing: Predator's Mark hat
Clothing: Predator's Mark pants
Clothing: Predator's Mark scarf
Clothing: Predator's Mark shirt
Clothing: Predator's Mark shoes
Clothing: Hunter's Faith hat
Clothing: Hunter's Faith pants
Clothing: Hunter's Faith scarf
Clothing: Hunter's Faith shirt
Clothing: Hunter's Faith shoes
Clothing: Lone Star hat
Clothing: Lone Star jacket
Clothing: Lone Star pants
Clothing: Lone Star scarf
Clothing: Lone Star shirt
Clothing: Lone Star shoes
Clothing: Final Measure hat
Clothing: Final Measure pants
Clothing: Final Measure scarf
Clothing: Final Measure shirt
Clothing: Final Measure shoes
Bonus Item: Sentinel hat
Bonus Item: Sentinel scarf
Bonus Item: Sentinel jacket
Bonus Item: Sentinel pants
Bonus Item: Sentinel shoes

If you are still after some items in the previous Caches, do not worry! They will still be available at the Premium Vendor. Here is a total list of items in the Mark II Encrypted Cache:

Emote: Bow
Emote: Pumped Up
Emote: Curtsy
Emote: Microphone Drop
Emote: Dust off
Emote: Dance king
Emote: Face palm
Emote: Kneel
Emote: Group up
Emote: Make it rain
Emote: Superstar
Emote: Mock
Emote: Parade
Emote: Referee
Emote: Robot
Emote: Snapshot
Emote: Strike a pose
Emote: Tick-tock
Backpack Skin: Astro - Beams
Backpack Skin: Astro - Beret
Backpack Skin: Astro - Saturn
Backpack Skin: Brigade - Commander
Backpack Skin: Brush - Artic
Backpack Skin: Brush - Bushmaster
Backpack Skin: Carthage - Attack
Backpack Skin: Carthage - Pink
Backpack Skin: Carthage - Sand
Backpack Skin: Carthage - Tundra
Backpack Skin: Carthage - Vandal
Backpack Skin: Enforcer - Sniper
Backpack Skin: Frontier - Knights
Backpack Skin: Frontier - Royal Guard
Backpack Skin: Legion - Americas
Backpack Skin: Legion - Leopard
Backpack Skin: Rustic - Grenada
Backpack Skin: Rustic - Gurkha
Backpack Skin: Sling - Ocean
Backpack Skin: Splash - Meteor
Backpack Skin: Splash - Nature
Backpack Skin: Splash - Sparks
Backpack Skin: Tech - Blood Dragon
Backpack Skin: Tech - Defender
Backpack Skin: Tech - Guerilla Warfare
Backpack Skin: Tech - Power Surge
Backpack Skin: Tech - Urbana
Backpack Skin: Tech - Urban Warrior
Backpack Skin: Tech - Warrior
Backpack Skin: Technica - Bulldog
Backpack Skin: Technica - Graffiti
Backpack Skin: Technica - Navy
Backpack Skin: Technica - Special Forces
Backpack Skin: Tiger - Ice Storm
Backpack Skin: Tiger - Night
Backpack Skin: Tribes - Barbarian
Backpack Skin: Tribes - Lombarder
Backpack Skin: Tribes - Norse
Backpack Skin: Tribes - Visigoths
Backpack Skin: Urban - Enforcer
Backpack Skin: Vectors - Concrete jungle
Backpack Skin: Vectors - Cyber
Backpack Skin: Vectors - Electro
Backpack Skin: Vectors - Engineer
Backpack Skin: Vectors - Industrial
Backpack Skin: Vectors - Lime
Backpack Skin: Vectors - Magma
Backpack Skin: Vectors - Roboto
Backpack Skin: Vectors - Shore
Backpack Skin: Vines - Renegade
Backpack Skin: Vines - Vigilante
Weapon Skin: Astro - Beams
Weapon Skin: Astro - Beret
Weapon Skin: Astro - Saturn
Weapon Skin: Brigade - Commander
Weapon Skin: Brush - Artic
Weapon Skin: Brush - Bushmaster
Weapon Skin: Carthage - Attack
Weapon Skin: Carthage - Pink
Weapon Skin: Carthage - Sand
Weapon Skin: Carthage - Tundra
Weapon Skin: Carthage - Vandal
Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Firecracker
Weapon Skin: Cleaners - Napalm
Weapon Skin: Cocktail - Amber
Weapon Skin: Cocktail - Glacial
Weapon Skin: Enforcer - Sniper
Weapon Skin: Frontier - Knights
Weapon Skin: Frontier - Royal Guard
Weapon Skin: Legion - Americas
Weapon Skin: Legion - Leopard
Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 05
Weapon Skin: LMB - Unit 10
Weapon Skin: Moray - Atoll
Weapon Skin: Moray - Brackish
Weapon Skin: Moray - Savanna
Weapon Skin: Rikers - Island
Weapon Skin: Rikers - Speed
Weapon Skin: Rustic - Grenada
Weapon Skin: Rustic - Gurkha
Weapon Skin: Scales - Fume
Weapon Skin: Scales - Marble>
Weapon Skin: Scales - Meadow
Weapon Skin: Sling - Ocean
Weapon Skin: Splash - Meteor
Weapon Skin: Splash - Nature
Weapon Skin: Splash - Sparks
Weapon Skin: Tech - Blood Dragon
Weapon Skin: Tech - Defender
Weapon Skin: Tech - Guerilla Warfare
Weapon Skin: Tech - Power Surge
Weapon Skin: Tech - Urbana
Weapon Skin: Tech - Urban Warrior
Weapon Skin: Tech - Warrior
Weapon Skin: Technica - Bulldog
Weapon Skin: Technica - Graffiti
Weapon Skin: Technica - Navy
Weapon Skin: Technica - Special Forces
Weapon Skin: Tiger - Ice Storm
Weapon Skin: Tiger - Night
Weapon Skin: Tribes - Barbarian
Weapon Skin: Tribes - Lombarder
Weapon Skin: Tribes - Norse
Weapon Skin: Tribes - Visigoths
Weapon Skin: Urban - Enforcer
Weapon Skin: Vectors - Concrete jungle
Weapon Skin: Vectors - Cyber
Weapon Skin: Vectors - Electro
Weapon Skin: Vectors - Industrial
Weapon Skin: Vectors - Lime
Weapon Skin: Vectors - Shore
Weapon Skin: Vines - Renegade
Weapon Skin: Vines - Vigilante
Clothing: Blue knitted slouchy
Clothing: Black fedora
Clothing: Military winter hat
Clothing: Simple blue beret
Clothing: Black oversized slouchy
Clothing: Brown cowboy hat
Clothing: Green snapback cap
Clothing: Black snapback cap
Clothing: Grey snapback cap
Clothing: Simple snapback cap
Clothing: Leather ivy cap
Clothing: Blue ivy cap
Clothing: Brown cadet cap
Clothing: Black cadet cap
Clothing: Blue cadet cap
Clothing: Black casual baseball cap
Clothing: Printed casual baseball cap
Clothing: Blue riding helmet
Clothing: Jungle riding helmet
Clothing: Cleaner hat
Clothing: JTF helmet
Clothing: LMB helmet
Clothing: Riker hat
Clothing: Military parade hat
Clothing: Navy parade hat
Clothing: Mustard ski jacket
Clothing: Red ski jacket
Clothing: Long quilted jacket
Clothing: Yellow down vest
Clothing: Brown shearling jacket
Clothing: Blue shearling jacket
Clothing: Orange collar jacket
Clothing: Gray winter parka
Clothing: Green fleece jacket
Clothing: Beige military jacket
Clothing: Blue motorcycle jacket
Clothing: Vintage military jacket
Clothing: Hooded denim jacket
Clothing: Borg collar jacket
Clothing: Red plaid jacket
Clothing: Cleaner jacket
Clothing: JTF jacket
Clothing: LMB jacket
Clothing: Riker jacket
Clothing: Military parade jacket
Clothing: Navy parade jacket
Clothing: Cleaner pants
Clothing: JTF slacks
Clothing: LMB slacks
Clothing: Riker pants
Clothing: Military parade pants
Clothing: Navy parade pants
Clothing: Simple striped scarf
Clothing: Gray padded scarf
Clothing: Cleaner scarf
Clothing: JTF scarf
Clothing: LMB scarf
Clothing: Cleaner shirt
Clothing: JTF shirt
Clothing: LMB shirt
Clothing: Riker shirt
Clothing: Military parade shirt
Clothing: Navy parade shirt
Clothing: Cleaner boots
Clothing: JTF boots
Clothing: LMB shoes
Clothing: Riker shoes
Clothing: Military parade shoes
Clothing: Navy parade shoes
Clothing: MC Club hat
Clothing: Urban Navigator hat
Clothing: Urban Winter hat
Clothing: Urban Messenger hat
Clothing: MC Club jacket
Clothing: Urban Navigator jacket
Clothing: Urban Explorer jacket
Clothing: Urban Winter jacket
Clothing: Urban Messenger jacket
Clothing: MC Club pants
Clothing: Urban Navigator pants
Clothing: Urban Explorer pants
Clothing: Urban Winter pants
Clothing: Urban Messenger pants
Clothing: MC Club scarf
Clothing: MC Club shirt
Clothing: Urban Navigator shirt
Clothing: Urban Explorer shirt
Clothing: Urban Winter shirt
Clothing: Urban Messenger shirt
Clothing: MC Club shoes
Clothing: Urban Navigator shoes
Clothing: Urban Explorer shoes
Clothing: Urban Winter shoes
Clothing: Urban Messenger shoes
Bonus Item: Rescue Operation hat
Bonus Item: Rescue Operation jacket
Bonus Item: Rescue Operation pants
Bonus Item: Rescue Operation shirt
Bonus Item: Rescue Operation shoes

And finally, the Mark I Encrypted Cache stock:

Emote: Celebration
Emote: Jump On It
Emote: Awesome
Emote: Blow Kisses
Emote: Air Boxing
Emote: Bring It On
Emote: Swinging Dance
Emote: Chicken
Emote: Side Chest Flex
Emote: Backflip
Emote: Macarena
Emote: Mock
Emote: Put Em Up
Emote: Irish Step Dance
Emote: Rock-Paper-Scissors
Emote: Shrug
Backpack Skin: Alligator- Banksia
Backpack Skin: Alligator- Burraga
Backpack Skin: Alligator- Everglades
Backpack Skin: Alligator- Limberlost
Backpack Skin: Alligator- Okefenokee
Backpack Skin: Alligator- Tangipahoa
Backpack Skin: Bastille Amazon
Backpack Skin: Bastille - Areto
Backpack Skin: Bastille Sinope
Backpack Skin: Chameleon - Panther
Backpack Skin: Desert - Santorini
Backpack Skin: Burst - Ash
Backpack Skin: Burst - Forest
Backpack Skin: Burst- Marshland
Backpack Skin: Dragon - Balaur
Backpack Skin: Dragon - Lindworm
Backpack Skin: Dragon - Wyvern
Backpack Skin: Fringe - Woodland
Backpack Skin: Fracture - Ajoite
Backpack Skin: Gemstone - Amber
Backpack Skin: Gemstone - Amethyst
Backpack Skin: Glitch - Bronze
Backpack Skin: Glitch - Cobalt
Backpack Skin: Glitch - Copper
Backpack Skin: Glitch - Iron
Backpack Skin: Glitch - Promethium
Backpack Skin: Guerilla - Commando
Backpack Skin: Guerilla - Liberator
Backpack Skin: Hades - Styx
Backpack Skin: Inferno - Ignition
Backpack Skin: Inferno - Pyro
Backpack Skin: Maru - Tangaroa
Backpack Skin: Munchkin - Sphynx
Backpack Skin: Operative - Gamma
Backpack Skin: Poker - Jack
Backpack Skin: Poker - King
Backpack Skin: Predator - Maw
Backpack Skin: Quartz - Aventurine
Backpack Skin: Quartz - Citrine
Backpack Skin: Quartz - Jasper
Backpack Skin: Royal - Favela
Backpack Skin: Royal - Pimp
Backpack Skin: Royal - Samba
Backpack Skin: Safari - Congo
Backpack Skin: Safari - Kakadu
Backpack Skin: Safari - Monteverde
Backpack Skin: Safari - Sundaraban
Backpack Skin: Safari - White
Backpack Skin: Shorepound - Sultans
Backpack Skin: Spectrum - Compact
Backpack Skin: Spectrum - Core
Backpack Skin: Toon - Zip
Backpack Skin: Vectors - Electro
Backpack Skin: Safari - Blue
Backpack Skin: Safari - Gray
Backpack Skin: Safari - Green
Backpack Skin: Safari - Purple
Backpack Skin: Safari - White
Backpack Skin: Scale - Aether
Backpack Skin: Scale - Wind
Weapon Skin: Alligator- Banksia
Weapon Skin: Alligator- Burraga
Weapon Skin: Alligator- Everglades
Weapon Skin: Alligator- Limberlost
Weapon Skin: Alligator- Okefenokee
Weapon Skin: Alligator- Tangipahoa
Weapon Skin: Alligator- Toolibin
Weapon Skin: Bastille - Areto
Weapon Skin: Bastille Sinope
Weapon Skin: Chameleon - Panther
Weapon Skin: Desert - Santorini
Weapon Skin: Dragon - Balaur
Weapon Skin: Dragon - Wyvern
Weapon Skin: Fringe - Bubblegum
Weapon Skin: Fringe - Woodland
Weapon Skin: Gemstone - Amber
Weapon Skin: Gemstone - Topaz
Weapon Skin: Glitch - Bronze
Weapon Skin: Glitch - Cobalt
Weapon Skin: Glitch - Indium
Weapon Skin: Glitch - Iron
Weapon Skin: Glitch - Promethium
Weapon Skin: Guerilla - Commando
Weapon Skin: Hades - Styx
Weapon Skin: Majeur - Vortex
Weapon Skin: Operative - Gamma
Weapon Skin: Pointbreak - Riyuewan
Weapon Skin: Poker - Jack
Weapon Skin: Poker - King
Weapon Skin: Predator - Maw
Weapon Skin: Quartz - Aventurine
Weapon Skin: Quartz - Citrine
Weapon Skin: Quartz - Jasper
Weapon Skin: Rounder - River
Weapon Skin: Royal - Favela
Weapon Skin: Royal - Pimp
Weapon Skin: Royal - Samba
Weapon Skin: Safari - Congo
Weapon Skin: Safari - Kakadu
Weapon Skin: Safari - Sundaraban
Weapon Skin: Scales - Fume
Weapon Skin: Shorepound - Sultans
Weapon Skin: Smiley - Smirk
Weapon Skin: Spectrum - Compact
Weapon Skin: Spectrum - Core
Weapon Skin: Virus - Virion
Clothing: Simple duckbill cap
Clothing: Brown crewman hat
Clothing: Blue cowboy hat
Clothing: Simple ivy cap
Clothing: Blue snapback cap
Clothing: Wool ivy cap
Clothing: Red casual baseball cap
Clothing: Green cadet cap
Clothing: White cadet cap
Clothing: Green casual baseball cap
Clothing: Simple bucket hat
Clothing: Beige pork pie hat
Clothing: Brown pork pie hat
Clothing: Woody pork pie hat
Clothing: Simple pork pie hat
Clothing: Knitted earflap hat
Clothing: Blue eight piece cap
Clothing: Simple fur hat
Clothing: Cleaner hat
Clothing: Riker hat
Clothing: Freelancer hat
Clothing: Operator hat
Clothing: Gray bomber jacket
Clothing: Yellow bomber jacket
Clothing: Green bomber jacket
Clothing: Orange bomber jacket
Clothing: Blue down jacket
Clothing: Orange down jacket
Clothing: Green down jacket
Clothing: Black down jacket
Clothing: Purple ski jacket
Clothing: Mustard ski jacket
Clothing: Cleaner jacket
Clothing: Riker jacket
Clothing: Indigo slim jeans
Clothing: Blue down pants
Clothing: Boot cut jeans
Clothing: Cleaner pants
Clothing: Riker pants
Clothing: Freelancer pants
Clothing: Operator pants
Clothing: Plain brown scarf
Clothing: Green knit scarf
Clothing: Simple striped scarf
Clothing: Ornate half-zip cardigan
Clothing: Blue sleeveless vest
Clothing: Orange checkered shirt
Clothing: Black motocross vest
Clothing: Blue thick turtleneck sweater
Clothing: Black padded cardigan
Clothing: Gray layered cardigan
Clothing: Brown hunting vest
Clothing: Cleaner shirt
Clothing: Riker shirt
Clothing: Freelancer shirt
Clothing: Operator shirt
Clothing: Fur lined boots
Clothing: Black hunting shoes
Clothing: Blue training shoes
Clothing: Orange hi-top sneakers
Clothing: DeadEYE hat
Clothing: Reclaimer's hat
Clothing: Striker's hat
Clothing: Tactician's hat
Clothing: DeadEYE pants
Clothing: Reclaimer's pants
Clothing: Striker's pants
Clothing: Tactician's pants
Clothing: Seeker pants
Clothing: Reclaimer's scarf
Clothing: Striker's scarf
Clothing: Tactician's scarf
Clothing: DeadEYE shirt
Clothing: Reclaimer's shirt
Clothing: Striker's shirt
Clothing: Tactician's shirt
Clothing: Seeker shirt
Clothing: DeadEYE shoes
Clothing: Reclaimer's shoes
Clothing: Striker's shoes
Clothing: Tactician's shoes
Clothing: Seeker shoes
Bonus Item: Spacefarer hat
Bonus Item: Spacefarer pants
Bonus Item: Spacefarer scarf
Bonus Item: Spacefarer shirt
Bonus Item: Spacefarer shoes

The Mark III Cache was released with Update 1.8.1 on April 12, 2018. A big thanks to everyone for supporting The Division! Be sure to share your Agents sporting their new Agent apparel on the Official Forums (https://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/498-The-Division), Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/), and Twitter (https://twitter.com/TheDivisionGame)!

/The Division Dev Team